However, the Jewish people’s belief about the Nazis power spread through towns, so many people believe they were safe. Hitler believed that he could improve the human gene pool so we convince the “superior race” that they needed to stay away from the “ inferior race”. Personalized Corpse Bride you and me we got this As a result of Hitler’s “Final Mass genocides have haunted the world in history; millions of innocent lives have been taken due to selfish acts of tyrant governments. During the mid-twentieth century Europe faced a massive genocide that preyed on certain demographics. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, was the sole mastermind that created the environment of racism, sexism, and the fear of certain religions and lifestyles, which was the underlined reason for the genocide we now know as the Holocaust. Many people may question, if Germany was a Democratic country, how did Adolf Hitler, a tyrant who orchestrated the largest genocide in human history, rise to power? After World War I in 1918, Germany had lost the war and its imperial government began to downfall. Germany had to undertake full responsibility for the war and pay reparations debilitating its already weakened economy.

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By many Nationalist and veterans, the forfeiture of the war was seen as a humiliation and degradation as they believed the war could have been won if it wasn’t for protestors and politicians. Hitler, being a German soldier, became obsessed with these views. His narrow-mindedness and misapprehensions, along with many other anti- Semites, led him to pin the fault on Jews. These conspiracy theories were born out of distress, resentment, and racism, not realities (2). Personalized Corpse Bride you and me we got this As Hitler united with the Nazis, a small nationalist political party who was not primarily prevalent, he began publicly speaking to progressively My intension for all of my essay assignments during this semester were to have strong supporting examples for the thesis statements, use proper grammar, and choose good advanced words to show more professional mind. With good advises from Smarthinking tutors, my dad, and my peers, I have progressed my papers toward better essays.

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I have saved my papers individually as I corrected them to show the progressions. In my argumentative essay, Income Inequality: Extinction of the American Dream, I used my summary and response paper as my draft. The summary and response paper contained each essays’ summaries related to income inequality from the They Say I Say book that greatly influenced my argumentative essay. As I wrote the essay, I made sure my dad to help me correct any grammar mistakes that I have made. Personalized Corpse Bride you and me we got this Through the Smarthinking tutoring, I have been told my argumentative essay’s strength was that I included many strong relevant information about income inequality in my introduction that helped me give my readers a background idea about it. The tutor said that my thesis statement was not specific enough for it to serve as a guide for my readers throughout the paper, but I believe I had a good thesis statement by saying “I believe that inequality is one of the biggest political and economic challenges that greatly threatens American Dream today.” Therefore, I kept my statement as the way it was. What I have really enjoyed during this essay was when we did a group discussion that shit.

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