In a book especially produced for the fair, the historian Meyer Kayserling summed up the prevailing assessment of Columbus: “In the just appreciation of his great services to mankind, all political, religious and social differences have vanished.” How things changed in a century! Political, religious, and social differences, far from vanishing, place Columbus today in the center of a world-wide cultural civil war. The great hero of the nineteenth century seems well on the way to becoming the great villain of the twenty-first. Octopus white and blue Columbus, it is now charged, far from being the pioneer of progress and enlightenment, was in fact the pioneer of oppression, racism, slavery, rape, theft, vandalism, extermination, and ecological desolation. The consequences for the old world were the introduction to a new trade through the Ottoman Empire in new foods and massive amounts of gold and silver. Food exports in east declined were controlled by the Ottoman. The Atlantic states became Europe’s economic and political powerhouse. Europe’s new crops from the new world included corn, beans, tomatoes, and potatoes.

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From these new crops, the improvement on food supply had Europeans population grow around the 1500’s and did so for the next three hundred…show more content…Natives did not know how to come into remedy with disease so the consequently died in whole piles. All over America, Small pox and measles killed nine-tenths of Native-Americans population between 1617 through 1619. Octopus white and blue This epidemic of the natives prompted the Europeans not just to acquire non-perishable luxury goods by simple trade but also now wanting to take over the land and create their own. Additionally, the Protestant Revolution hastened Europeans fascinate on the new world. They saw not only a gain for preaching but also an implication to invest in their work back home. The Protestant Revolution prompted many Europeans to move to the new world. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries along with the protestant reforms, these developments led to the Protestant Revolution, developments led to strict traditional families and focused on sharpening sexual moralities on Catholic peers.

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Standardizing prostitution and homosexuality. Female and male marriage, with a fissile family was acceptable. These restriction with the Patriachal family about what is an acceptable traditional family and sexual moralities about homosexuality, prostitution, and adultery became a criminal offense made by the protestant Christians these led a European conflicts, leading the Protestant Revolution. Octopus white and blue The Protestant Revolution prompted the move for people in the New World. Protestant Revolution was a Protestant- Catholic. Christopher Columbus is an internationally celebrated explorer, due to his voyages to Central America during the Age of Discovery, a period between 15th and 16th centuries where explorers would be supported by countries to claim land. Columbus was an Italian explorer, on a conquest for gold and riches, who was sponsored by the monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, to travel to Southern Asia. Columbus proposed the idea of traveling from East to West, rather than traveling along the borders of countries and continents, such as Africa and Asia, to Eastern countries for gold, spices, and other riches. When Columbus succeeded in making land fall, he thought he landed in Southern Asia, but rather he landed.

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