I do not have any problem with the profit mentality that underpins the existence of such companies, but it is also imperative that the employees at Edubirdie learn business ethics that require them to give customers what they specify. Instead, this is a team that uses illegal means to acquire essays from elsewhere and resells them to unsuspecting students. I was once a desperate student, and desperation made me vulnerable. Do not fall into the same trap:  is a trap waiting for desperate students who become vulnerable customers.  The next obvious solution was to pay a “professional” for that much-needed attention. The company could simply not deliver it. Students, it is not up to you to keep chasing after someone you have not only trusted with your grades but also paid for it. On the contrary, it is up to them to live up to expectation and “pester” you with their attention. Impostors emergency meeting 3D ugly sweater It was only due to lack of proper information and thorough research that I ever ended up using  to get my assignments done. I paid dearly for this mistake because the company was not formed with the interests of students in mind. The entire writing and editorial team comprises of business-oriented people who make the company very unsafe for students to place orders.

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Impostors emergency meeting 3D ugly sweater

There is no doubt that  is a very trendy website. With regards to designing the entire web page and how it captures and holds the attention of visitors, the founders of the company indeed invested what they ought to have. I must say that my ability to point out a user-friendly and functional website is above average because I have been a heavy user of the internet since high school. To that end, I cannot deny the company the credit it deserves for a “catchy” website. The “log in,” “hire writer” and “menu” buttons are visibly placed at the top right-hand corner, where I would logically expect them to be. Impostors emergency meeting Directly below the “place your order for free now” button is the button that lets you select the type of work you want and the provision where you enter your email address. All these are strategically positioned to surround the birdie that seems to be beckoning you. However, that is where the positive aspects of the website end. Appearance on this website does not translate into easy navigation. Why would Edubirdie hide the button that shows the full range of services they offer and leave customers only with an abstract list?

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The simple answer is that those services are not there. If I need help with my dissertation, I need a company that communicates the availability of that service explicitly instead of forcing me to search for it. Worse still, even after thinking that you have located what you were looking for, it is a rude surprise to find that it is not what you thought. The search for what you want should be the easiest part of navigating through and using a website; that is not the case with edubirdie.com. With this website, you get to do more work as the customer than what the writers do. If this sounds like an exaggeration, try getting in touch with a customer support agent. Impostors emergency meeting Many other websites have this at the click of a single button. Ironically, this website has a How It Works section as if to mock visitors that the designers knew it would be needed. In spite of its name, this section does not work. It will only take you in circles to add up to your frustrations.

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