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Dark wolf hoodie 3D

Dragonfly Dark wolf hoodie 3D is the eleventh studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers. It was released on 20 January 2017.Chambers said working with Paul Kelly on the album “was a dream”, also adding: “Paul brought out a whole new side of me, but then I also got to enjoy the comforts of recording with the person who knows and has shaped my original sound better than anyone, my brother Nash, along with my live touring band who have become a huge part on my sound. This double album shows who I am as much as any piece of work I have ever done.Of the decision to record a double album, Chambers said, “I was just going to do two short sessions and then put them together for one album but both sessions ended up with more finished songs than I’d planned so I decided a double album would be the way to go.

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