You're the pizza to my customized custom name mug


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I’m sure that most people, wouldn’t mind self isolating in such a beautiful and huge house, unfortunately, for the majority, is not the case. I for instance, am living in a tiny bedsit!. Hey Jennifer. There are 15 people here in thomasville Georgia who have tested positive. For the corona virus. I’m praying for them and everyone else 8n our world. I,hope you are safe and well. Love Charlotte young. Look on my timeline when you have tim… See More. Hello, you are a great actress, I really like movies with your participation, I cordially greet you and have a nice weekend … although we have a terrible time, 6 people have already died in Poland, I am a nurse, people do not observe quarantine and d… See More. My 3 doggies are loving me being at home working. I looked in my mind, and found my heart, You’re the pizza to my customized custom name mug I looked in my heart, and found yours,

You’re the pizza to my customized custom name mug

You're the pizza to my customized custom name mug 3

Hi Jennifer! I’m living up in Canada (Wasaga Beach, Ontario to be exact) Anyway I wanted to share a very weird dream I had last night with you as the main character. You were filming a movie that I had written. Weird because I’m an interior designer!! … See More. Doggie voice over “ ohhhh pretty lights”. What a cutie you have in there . Hi Jen. I spent the early years of my life deep in the wilderness of Northern Canada. No phone, no electricity, no running water and no grocery store, clinic or hospital if we got sick. My father was a railway foreman and we lived along the railway li… See More. i’m from italy and here the situation is not good at all as you probably know… i’m really happy you’re doing well! Stay safe and healthy . Jennifer, this plague will come to pass. This crisis teaches us something that most people probably have been doing before ….. You’re the pizza to my customized custom name mug . GOD IS IN CONTROL. We do not need to be in fear or panic modes.

You’re the pizza to my customized custom name mug

You're the pizza to my customized custom name mug 1

My miniature schnauzer puppy is very bouncy and loves playing hide and seek in our garden. Vitamin D for both of us. I think we’re all a bit like this Jennifer at the moment, a bit doolally . I just hope that this madness ends soon… I’m praying for everyone to recover and go back to they’re normal lives. I’m also praying for the ones who have lost a loved one. . I wonder what they think. My raggy old beagle Odis does the same thing stares off into the distance. He could just be thinking about lunch. . I just saw you hosting Ellen’s show. (I know its been a while).you are such a beautiful person inside and out…love you girl.. keep on doin what your doin… Tonight is my Friday being that I have a three day weekend. Normally I would look forward to it but the town is empty.

You're the pizza to my customized custom name mug 2

Yep… a lot of people are just staring out into the emptiness contemplating life in times like this . The mystery to us is how dogs meditate. The mystery for dogs is why people aren’t always present. Surf the wave mamma. Clyde has a beautiful view to contemplate life.. thanks for sharing!. Beautiful views to have for self isolation!!! Enjoy and stay safe. In Spain we have been in oficial lock down since sunday !! Making the most of being with the family and trying to stay positive. . I am from Greece. I live in Crete. All in Greece stay home and we hope in better days. To be watched. Why here in Greece we love you very much. . It’s scary times .. at least it looks lovely where you are it’s freezing here raining one minute .. hail stones next .. then sun … that’s Scotland for you … take care stay safe x

You are my favorite on friends. I think you are an incredible actress. A fan from nashua new hampshire.. Good morning, how are you? I would like to say that I watch the series Friends and I love you a lot and you are the one I admire the most, I love you Jennifer. I couldn’t have been more thrilled! You’re an incredible actress and love “The Morning Show.”. It reminds me of the scene from Dumpling, when you’re lying down on the back seat so your dress doesn’t get wrinkles.
Congratulations!. Awesome wonderful group of friends they are keepers. Hold them dearly. I must say I loved your dress and most of all ” I LOVE YOU’. You are a wonderful person fun loving, funny, hillarious and stunming. Congratulations Jen … I love you since friends. You have gone through a lot but still you stood up. You are really an inspiration.
I really wish i could see u with same cast of friends again.

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