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If only the Golden Globes had been one day later. Or you know, somebody issued a warning at the beginning of the show from a podium of some sort…. You’re my favorite work bitch mug XINHUANET.COM Hundreds arrested for deliberately starting catastrophic Australian bushfires – Xinhua | Love you both! You’re beautiful women on the inside and outside.. she’s a hero actually . Jenn, i love you, you’re gorgeous and great boobs… but you should still cover the nips in that white dress. That was all I could see.. I would love to know if Bae and J rolled in with a cooler to the globes!. I saw you once when you came to Malta, would have been lovely to talk to you!! I’ve been watching friends since it started!!! I never get enough of it!!! And now this show is amazing!!. You are absolutely amazing and i enjoy everything you put out for all of us! I think I might be your biggest fan….xoxox

You’re my favorite work bitch mug

You're my favorite work bitch mug 1

So good, congratulations from Australia! Nice to see him look at you in that adoring way!!. Halo Jennifer !!!! you changed my life, I was very sad, poor and without money to take care of my sick mother you came into my shop selling handmade backpacks in Paris and you bought three backpacks (artist , bohemian and Chic )and you told me that I d… See More. I have silver hair and no wrinkles!. Good for you girl you deserve it. Seen the pics I hope you get back together, I have always told my wife I will turn straight for brad. The attached picture looks like Brad is pulling you back, let him realise what he lost, or beg for more, but then ag… See More. You are my inspiration !. Would Love to see you & Brad back together!!. Congratulations on a well deserved award! I am thrilled to see your hard work and wonderful talent was recognized. We eagerly await season 2 of TMS. Congratulations again! You’re my favorite work bitch mug

You’re my favorite work bitch mug

You're my favorite work bitch mug 2

Sorry Jennifer I’m a big fan but I have to tell you this …The fires in Australia were started by arsonists. It’s in the news by the more honest media….Nothing to do with climate change! Watch Paul Joseph Watson’s latest information on it!. I can dance exactly if not better. Like Larry on Les Twins. Well just talking…. But his videos helped during my process of what I am.. My 2 favourite actresses ever rachael and Reese. You stood on stage and said the fires in Australia are due to climate change? Google Australian mean temps from 1960. Then ask yourself, what the greatest threat to global warming. Now you’ve done that, ask why nobody is talking about meat production. … See More. If the wildfires in Australia are a global warming issue then why were a dozen or so people arrested for arson? Just curious.. Lame. Omg, yall are so L a m e. Why don’t any of you ever get out of your little bubble? I just don’t get it. How do you expect to grow and experience life when you never go out of the confines of your hollywood mindset? Climate change happens because … See More

You're my favorite work bitch mug 3

Did you make a deal with the devil? . Please believe him, he means he doesn’t want to get the virus, nor doesn’t want you to get infected
He’s so jealous that probably you dont have eyes for him, so he always would like to let you know, the virus is trapping him
Pause GIF. Hi my whole family and I love you as a person and as a actress. We watch basicly all your movies. My 2 daugters always tell me mom Jennifer is so Beautiful.. Jennifer, Do you understand we’re in a Crisis ? Or is this a fake account ? And your still playing …. Hollywood Bull Shit ? Well your exempt …. VERY SPECIAL NOVELIST OF THE WORLD! VERY NICE TO OF YOU! &, SAFE FROM THE FIRE, TO THE LAND & GARDEN & FOREST & PROPERTY & HOUSE & ANIMAL & PEOPLE & ENVIRONMENT! TO THE AUSTRALIA COUNTRY! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MISS JENNIFER ANISTON.

You were gorgeous!. The dress reflects the beauty of the wearer.. Such a beautiful gown!! You wore it well and were the best dressed for sure!. I loved that dress you had on Jennifer, you looked stunning as usual, your a very beautiful lady, and deserve nothing but the best, Happy New Year Jennifer.. Sitting here in Fire ravaged Shoalhaven Australia, you just put a smile on my face..Thank you Jen Sooo Beautiful!!. Jennifer I know this may sound weird, and praying you get this. My wife has wanted me to find a pair of shoes you had in photo she saw. And it’s worth the chance I can find them for her. They were a pair of rustic leather wedge boots, and not sure the … See More. Thank you so much for helping me survive my depression, yourselves and the cast of friends have been my go to TV family thank you xx

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