You win some you lose some you wreck some poster


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Liam you are the love of my life . I can’t wait . Liam Payne collab with 1-direction. wowwwwww!!! Go liam and dixie I love ya’ll. I LOVE YOU LIAM. don’t pay attention to the bad comments, I love this collaboration, for many you are and will be our world, we love u, keep going! . I’ve been here for a long time Liam, give me the top fan badge. I’m so excited for you . Can’t Wait for the Collab!!. We’re all excited Liam can’t waitt. LOVE YOU!! You win some you lose some you wreck some poster COME BACK TO BRAZIL . Good music Payne. Really you couldn’t find anyone but her?? That’s sucks.. detective since 2015,yes we are. This is going to be epic!!! So proud of you . I love you, for you I want to go to school . I can’t wait for it’s tomorrow!!. I thought it was Nancy from Stranger Things LOL I was really surprised

You win some you lose some you wreck some poster

You win some you lose some you wreck some poster 3

What about Chanukah and Kwanzaa? Inclusion please. Why isn’t Dixie getting any credit? She’s in the song too . is it early Christmas gift Liam?. This song reminds me to the little boy who want to punch santa till his beard off. Candice Brown. Melli Silvennoinen. is this a song?. Karleen Gatapia. Rebecca Bullard. I’m your fan since ten years ago. And still being your fan till the world end, Liam.. It’s never too early for Christmas . Charlotte Rigby You win some you lose some you wreck some poster Liam is saving 2020 for us fans. Like with his TikToks (now he knows how to use it haha) his YouTube videos, his lives, his LP shows and now a Christmas song . I cant wait to hear it every time a music plays from liam or the 1D i always lije to listen. LIAM PAYNE & DIXIE DAMELIO. Christmas naba sainyo diyan?hala Sana all. Christmas is nowhere near but i cant wait foe the song xx

You win some you lose some you wreck some poster

You win some you lose some you wreck some poster 2

You are the Best! . So louis called you and you didn’t answered it how you feeling . Awesome guy!!!
You make us happy!!. You always make me happy!. Change your channel name to reaction time . Liam laughing at himself made me blush. WTF. I love you so much I can’t wait for you to answer my dm on insta my insta is mcclellanerica33. You have the most beautiful smile in the world. Anna Barros. Sing truly madly deeply . Never cut your hair please!!!. Why did you delete the tweet Liam. #LouiscallLiam. Miss one direction . He’s so cute than the ghost. MAYGAADD LIAM GHINOST KA RIN PALA. You deserve the entire world . literally id walk through fire for you. extra daddy look 4 tadayy daddeh. LIAM YOU SHALL NEVER CUT THAT HAIR YOU HEAR ME?. Molly Smith. Hannah Eckman. Thank You Liam For making me Happy the way I watch your Videos and Listen To your songs Ilove you

You win some you lose some you wreck some poster 1

Hahaha you’re so cute Liam . You are a little bit strange with this new look but you stil so handsome . thank you for always using your platform for amazing causes and being so vocal about important topics, beyond proud of you . Will you be my boyfriend,Liam?. Liam I adore you, you can always count on me, I love you too much, you are not alone and you will never be, you are a wonderful person, never doubt it Ok? You are extremely talented, I admire you Paynoooo. Ithica Silsbury Menear
Your so amazing thank you for showing awareness
love u !! . you are the most beautiful thing in this world . Liam you stay exactly where you are because you are per-fect. thank you for always using your platform for positive things like this, i love and appreciate you so much. i genuinely don’t know what we did to deserve you

your videos always make my day. Ebba Reinhardt
Great video. Another great roundup. Can’t wait to see the show . Natasha Colbert. Ithica Silsbury Menear. Samantha Duggan. Looking amazing dear Liam love you. I love you Liam you’re the best with us. Thanks for all the happines, I’m excited for the show . Cadie Strahota
A. Neith Picafresa. You’re the best and is real my love. So perfect, how can you be perfect in everything you do? . Ashley Jernigan. Abby Francis. Taylor Murphy
I love your videos, thank you for everything . Sarah Gifford. We don’t deserve you kingggg! your video was so funny. Have good a new created awesome . I’m excited for this event liam. Looking good Liam!. You should collab with Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry!. Charlotte Rigby
I love how happy you are watching yourself back on a video
Your so funny and I bet your a great laugh to be around. Hope to meet you one day

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