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Siii , es número 1 también en . me encanta las canciones de Selena Quintanilla era y será siempre la mejor cantante. La serie no duró nada . La termine d ver en dos dias a toda la serie , lastima q ya no hay mas Yorkshire Terrier I’m Your Friend Your Partner Poster pense q estaria toda completa. Es terrible los esclavizó y uno murió!!!!. Muy buena la primera parte de la serie ya quiero ver la segunda parte ::la chica muy simpatica tal vez no era la mejor para interpretarla pero lo hiso bien . Selena nunca se fue y nunca se ira . Imagínense si la JLo hubiese estado pendiente de comentarios estúpidos de que los hubo los hubo para ella ..pero noooo ella se enfocó y entonces hoy todo mundo sabe de ella … Adelante chica que interpreta a Selena . Que este sea tu comodín para alcan… See More. Me encanto la serie estuvo chida

Yorkshire Terrier I’m Your Friend Your Partner Poster

Yorkshire Terrier I'm Your Friend Your Partner Poster 3

I literally just started it right now in my lunch break and started crying . Was so excited to watch the show and was really disappointed in so many ways ….i rate the movie a 2 maybe… Binged watched last night Yorkshire Terrier I’m Your Friend Your Partner Poster went in wanting to watch it for what it was and not compare to the Jlo role, remember Jlo was also playing the role. Selena is Selena. Great job Christian . Boooooo she has no talent why !!!!! Jlo did it best!!!! Not watching this garbage. The show is amazing so much detail great job we are watching it now with Doritos Selena’s favorite medium pizzas with of course extra pepperoni and drinking cokes. But I did make custom Selena cocktail cups and a purple Selena alcoholic beverage. I love it so far! This show shows a lot of things we didn’t see in the movie! Definitely give it a chance people!

Yorkshire Terrier I’m Your Friend Your Partner Poster

just because its number one doesn’t mean people liked it. it was the most watched yet very disappointing. Brenda Muro. Really enjoying the series. Just not feeling all the wigs lol.. Christian serratos has a completely different body type than Selena. The quality of the show is something similar to a Lifetime movie. I’m a huge Prince fan and I do appreciate Shelia E was mentioned twice and Prince once during the first few episodes.. You mean “The Abraham Quintanilla story”. I heard bad things about the show in Netflix that was disappointing. This disappointed me she looks nothing like her at all the vibe isn’t the same I hate it !!!!!!!!. Bernadette Gutierrez. We don’t disappoint But Netflix Sure did.. Fans don’t ever disappoint, but this Netflix series … very much did. The series is rubbish I rate the movie better. Selena is not a great title here, this should be called Abraham – the daddyger.

Not satisfied with the series, first of all the actress doesn’t look anything like Selena, I don’t know but, I’m just not feeling it.. I don’t know which to believe anymore! In the movie it showcases differently on a few scenarios of her life and in the episodes – it’s different! However, I will say I like that they portrayed the siblings lives a bit more and allowing us to get to kno… See More. This show isn’t nothing like the movie, she doesn’t even favor selena. It should of been JLO to play the part.. I hate it
y’all know better for real. I respect her story and what her family and fans in the series but y’all wrong for that. The girl didn’t even look Mexican . I don’t mind it, you see a lot more about Suzy definitely had me in my feels. Jose Luis Flores

I’m sorry but I’m not really feeling the show and the actress. The movie was the best version of her story.. Binge watched the entire thing last night. She was so beautiful.
I’m ready but not ready for part 2 at the same time.. People keep comparing the movie to this ..the movie was great yes but it didn’t show nearly as much detail . The show is revealing more which is what I like about it. I’m not saying it’s all facts but it’s nice to get a little more background.. If you are expecting this to be as great as the movie, please don’t watch this. I’m trying my best to give this a try because Selena is my favorite singer but I’m not really feeling this. Maybe if I can get the movie out of my head I can get used to it… See More. It isn’t the movie but the series has something and after the second episode it really picked up and I loved seeing more of the siblings side of things. It was a great blend.

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