Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster


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fearless is in another level ma sen ! congrats for this amazing song ! having on repeat the entire album since Jan 31st ! ♡. Literally my favorite song, I just repeat it nonstop, it’s a bop. I love this song, is amazing and powerful. This song is soooo Beautiful and special. I love you sooo much . My fav. This song is wonderful. . My favorite on the album . am I the only one who hears someone say Harry when the crowd’s shouting? . Good day darling, your lyrics are amaizing . this song makes me cry bc I’m not fearless and I’M YOUNG, hahaha. You álbum is wonderful:). YASSS. That song is just amazing . I love this song, thanks. . I love this song so much. one of the best songs I’ve heard. I’ve become fearless because of you x. one of my favorite songs. The consequence to not be young even when you don’t are,are so sad Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster

Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster

Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster 3

I adore you so freaking much. This is one of my very favourite songs on your amazing moving album Louis Tomlinson! Thanks for such beautiful words and music #Walls #WallsOutNow #LouisTomlinson. Beautiful & amazing song , I love all the songs on this album , I can’t even choose which one is the best on this album, I love everything about you Lou . Happy valentine day Louis Tomlinson I hope you are having a good and great valentine day with Harry Styles and all the joy and all the love . The entire album is amazing.. I’m listening your album since tomorrow, without break. I love each song of it . Louis my favorite lyricist. All the lyrics of walls songs were made a point. I love you!. My favorite song on the album. The whole reason I feel in love love with 1D and LT was to remember that wonderful feeling of youthful hope and wonder. Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster

Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster

Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster 2

I listen to this album almost once a day!. You’re the best!!! I love this song . That song made me feel good about myself I usually tear me down because I don’t like me, but that song made me cry, thinking you were singing it to me. imagine being this talented. You are amazing xxx . ¡HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, LOVE! . Amazing album! . thank you for everything you are an angel i love you very much. Proud of you see you in donny . I love that song . Always here to support you. Little things part 2. So perfect lyrics voice. I love you sun. . To be very honest (and I know you love honesty) this is not a huge favourite of mine from the album BUT, BUT, BUT, it is a really catchy and lovely tune! I know you said it is the most ID-ish of the #Walls tracks and loved for the fans so I respect the… See More

Yoga inhale the future exhale the past poster 1

Stay safe,Tommo! Take care of your health.Know that we love you forever . Please come to Peru next time, we love you so much. Any ways the fans are gonna make this tour to be a really beautiful, also we are gonna make unforgetable memories with you. . CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN MEXICO!! SO PROUD OF YOU. I LOVE YOU . I’m going to see you This July in Indianapolis I can’t wait!!!. Hi Louis. I wish I could meet you. Your so amazing x. how I would like you to bring your great talent to this country to appreciate it. Louis Tomlinson Like This Photo. I love you from Philippines . Come and tour to the philippines bro!!!. SO EXCITED, KING!. CAN’T WAIT SUN!!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. Just come and tour in Philippines bro!. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Milan. Can’t wait ! See u in Paris

I relally love your album, and i think that i can’t choose just one of your songs to be my favorite, you are my sun . Okay, so I personally loved that song a lot!!. The most anticipated song! Proud of you Sun. My favorite song, You’re amazing, TE AMO!. Always is one of my favs its great . every song of your album is beautiful . Always you is one of my favourites . Literally my favourite song off the album. Two years of waiting,it was worth it . Love the album. I really love your album! . You’re the best my sunshine . My longest relationship is with Always You, 3 years waiting for it and it was worth it. Love the album. You’re so amazing!!! . I love it this song . My favorite song . Always you is my favorite my love. My favourite… . I love this song

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