Dear Mr Trump we are bored hear in Africa this corona thing and lockdown is boring can you please ask the Chinese government to create Zombies or vampires we just want some action . Putin and Kim are also bored. The establishment is doing their best to shutdown all legal challenges saying there is no merit to them. It is sad rules and laws seem to no longer matter in this country. Suppression and censorship is being embracedso very sad for our young childr… . So you have stooped so low to create scripts to advance your voter fraud rhetoric!!! Man you are worse than dog poop!. can someone confirm if ballots were watermarked? seems if it was true we would be leading with that evidence of fraud. im holding out for hope, but need a win here soon.. That is crazy . That was probably 1000s of ballots . Now thats fraud. I hope trump nails them to the wall for this. It could be for both of them who knows. Yes I Do have A Retirement Plan I Plan On Hunting Poster

Yes I Do have A Retirement Plan I Plan On Hunting Poster

Yes I Do have A Retirement Plan I Plan On Hunting Poster- A4

Our President owns the vaccine.. Yes you did. And you also said something was happening with the Fox News network in the past as well. Right again!. No matter how this turns out, I hope you know a lot of Americans are very proud of you and what youve accomplished !. We are all still behind you Mr President. All 70M+.. Hopefully your administration added layers of protection to accurately distinguish between fake, and legit ballots. Nothing better then catching them (Dems), and the liberal media red handed. I’m tired of seeing the media claim everything is baseless a… . I have a difficult time believing the Courts will reverse the course, no matter how overwhelming the evidence. Praying for you and the Country. . Mr. President, We, The People Stand with you!! And yes! You have pretty much been right about everything.. Trump, Your are the Best President Yes I Do have A Retirement Plan I Plan On Hunting Poster

Yes I Do have A Retirement Plan I Plan On Hunting Poster

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Why not nation wide recount. If they have nothing to hide. Dont give up on us!. The vaccine is all you!!! 71million people know it.. Biden tricked you. You have to imprison him, Mr. President. Go get mr. President. You are the only person we trust.. Next 2 weeks are going to be jaw droppers. Still hope for a turn around in your favor. Thank you for fighting. It’s exactly what you said. We must reveal this corruption, the American people deserve it!! Fraud was revealed in TX too.. You’re significantly more reliable than the Dems and their MSM mouthpiece!. Cháu không hiểu lắm nhưng chú Trump vô địch. Sau chú làm tổng thống tiếp nhớ cho thằng cháu ruột này 1 pr về dịch vụ facebook nhé. Mãi là fan cứng của chú ạ.. I’m personally calling for a nationwide recount of every precinct in every state.. People who elect corrupt politicians are not victims but accomplices.

Yes I Do have A Retirement Plan I Plan On Hunting Poster- A2

You have lost and nothing will change. Biden is the president elect and its as simple as that. Yes you did tell us. Shame on Pfizer for releasing just days after election. Just part of the scam. The only thing I dont understand, why vaccine is still pushed when none of them would be good to human?. Here’s my solution to this farce of election redo the whole darn thing and have everybody vote in person if you don’t vote person it doesn’t count and the story will have the true and correct person in the White House thank you very much. We are together in the fight. As we fight on our knees before God do everything in your power for it is the will of God.
We love you Mr President not for your personality but for your policies that never defy our God.. The most worthy person for the White House .. only Trump can stop China .. the people of Vietnam always support you !!

Joe Biden :
Former unofficial President-elect
A prisoner-to-be. WE STAND WITH YOU . All Americans and the world want to see your win. Your victory means the victory of democracy. Farewell to the evil forces.. What’s interesting is I had 300,000 followers between my two pages when the election was final and I posted how I am red, I lost maybe 4 followers, yet they are saying the Dems won.. . Uli chipuba Trump. Abantu nabakukana, next year ku fuma mu White House we nkonko weh.. Corrupt politicians did not believe that Trump was going to run the country well and the economy which frorire he could not manage it well because he had done nothing in their time today, he teaches Trump to steal his victory God no will not accept it … . HERE IS THE TRUTH.. Amazing . Can’t wait to see those faces who supported Biden

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