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Dear Leonardo DiCaprio!! Write Some Letters Make A Word Poster The azerbaijan Turkey army uses the most dangerous for humans and environment phosphorous bombs, containing chemical elements, prohibited by the #GenevaConvention damaging nature and human life’s and bringing an environmental catastrophe in #Artsakh. It calls #WarCrimes azerbaijan bombarding civilians, maternity hospitals, schools and kindergartens, food market … #ChemicalWeapons #EnvironmentalCrimes #GenocideWatch #StopAzerbaijaniAggression. Azerbaijan forces used phosphorus munitions containing chemical weapons elements in the Azerbaijan-Artsakh conflict zone, in blatant violation of the norms and principles of international humanitarian and customary law, the Geneva Conventions, provisions and documents of the relevant United Nations conventions, and in addition to causing damage to the Armenian forces, to pursue the objective of starting large-scale forest fires and creating a real threat of environmental disaster in this territory.. Mérédith Robineau. Leonardo DiCaprio Democracy is a loaded word in the new millennium and used for trickery and deception. Democracy for you and your Hollywood elitist peers looks a lot different to democracy at the micro level. It’s all just blah blah blah

Write Some Letters Make A Word Poster

Write Some Letters Make A Word Poster 1

Voted . The younger Leo was so much better… Washed up to say the least . Voting for Trump on Tuesday!! . Cindy Ann Ross Spicer. Thanks Leo.. “You have the Illusion of choice” – George Carlin. I sure do enjoy viewing ur moving pictures at the matinee Leo.. Aahhh..yes, the “environmentalist” with the private jet telling us what to do. . Vote blue!!! Biden/Harris . Our votes are in and counted. Vote Blue right down the ticket.. You were great in The Aviator and were robbed of an Oscar. Leo,. Leo is a HUGE activist for the planet so I don’t understand why the “red” folks that follow him would be so disrespectful to how he feels to post these negative comments.. women’s strike in Poland 10.2020.. Right to dignity, freedom of choice… please support us.. #Azerbaijan, with the help of #Turkey, violates all humanitarian norms by shelling the peaceful settlements of #Artsakh, destroying villages and towns with phosphorous weapons, as a result of which there are casualties among the civilian population. The world must wake up. Write Some Letters Make A Word Poster

Write Some Letters Make A Word Poster

Write Some Letters Make A Word Poster 3

· 21:35.
· 16:35.
· 9:04.
· 10:53.
· 4:08.
· 0:00.
· 52:33.
· 29:08.
· 31:23.
· 10:51. Kim Raffensparger-Murphy

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· 41:06
Please help stop terror against Armenia #PeaceforArmenians .
· 17:16.
· 8:47.
· 9:51.
· 0:00.
· 23:37.
· 14:32.
· 22:52.
· 24:37.
· 7:42
Right on Leo. America, you can do it. Get rid of the tangerine turd and seize back democracy! .
· 8:01.
· 10:30.
· 25:08.
· 7:56.
· 11:07.
· 17:45.
· 50:40.
· 1:01.
· 6:43. This is what the Super Bowl halftime show should be. Great marching bands.. انا شهد

· 2:47.
· 4:12.
· 0:19
Please get out and vote .
· 18:04.
· 7:56

Write Some Letters Make A Word Poster 2

A vote for Biden is a vote for China and communism.. Sandy Kutz-Longman
Vote Blue! if you want to save this . Aya Massoud. Go vote red to keep our freedoms!!. and for my opinion trump is not such a bad president. not too much intelligent, but i am quite sure he won´t start any war, killing people. when you make promotion it can be your fault what happens then. you are grown up, sad i must tell you.. Republican or Democratic, they don’t really give a sh*t about you or me. They’re there for their own gain and their buddies. They have no clue the life you and I live. Nothing changes, the rich just keep getting richer and the poor just keep getting poorer. It’s the way it’s been for thousands of years and will be till we get someone that gets it. Someone like you and me and not these “politicians”.

Already voted for Biden/Harris to begin the restoration of the soul of our nation. . Well, with the Electoral College some votes literally count for less than others… but if I speak I’m in trouble . Well Leo let’s take into consideration California when we vote . Crime the homeless crisis . New some .. people should opt out of voting completely to take power back out of the hands of governments who are over stepping their mark. Hopefully it will improve the current state of the country. . To be a true democracy where every vote actually does count, we need to abolish the electoral college. The blue is the honesty bunch and the Trump are not very wise …..vote BLUE . Can’t wait!!! VOTE BLUE . Every citizen should vote, no matter who it’s for. This is the most important election of modern history. Make your voice be heard. Be a part of this historic moment. Even if you don’t like either candidate, there are other things on the ballots to vote on. I never cared to vote in the past but this one is important.

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