Women samurai be strong be brave poster


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Loved Extraction, I thought you were brilliant Chris, all the other actors were top notch too!! Now awaiting Extraction 2!!. Watched this amazing film ….Chris u was outstanding as always Women samurai be strong be brave poster and abit of eye candy to go with it . That was an insane action flick. Brilliant cinematography.. Absolutely brilliant this film I watched it last friday it’s so good told all my mates. It was a brilliant film! I watched it the other day! I was devastated that you died!. We have just watched this film it was awesome scenes shot as one whole scene made action scenes very real fast paced and adrenaline filled. Balanced with the action it was thought provoking and that ending.. Will we see Tyler again?. Too many faults in making,not expected from giant like Netflix, should have done more research. Overall action is good,but not the story!!. Enjoyed watching the film with my adult son- great action shots Chris –

Women samurai be strong be brave poster

Women samurai be strong be brave poster

Watched it 2 days ago. But end of the story was not very interesting. Loved the special effects where the camera would jump into the car!. Is that last scene where the boy comes out of water at the swimming pool and a sees a blurry image of a man, is that you? I think you are still alive.. I watched it two days ago, the action is good , but dunno about the story !. I don’t think he died, at the end the kid comes up from the pool & he sees someone off at a distance, but u don’t know who it is. Story is weak and not very emotional. Best part is action scenes- they are good!. Watched it last Friday. Enjoyed it, especially the action sequences.. I thought the film was great. I enjoyed the storyline and all the action!. Have watched it already. No doubt it’s the best film I’ve ever seen this year. Women samurai be strong be brave poster

Women samurai be strong be brave poster

Women samurai be strong be brave poster 1

It’s an exciting, seem like gamer is well playing and shooting.. after watched extraction film …… I can say one thing that the story writer or the director don’t know about Bangladesh or Dhaka . you guys made a film like this I have to say that it feel ashamed that this is a Hollywood film. when you making a fil… See More. I Watched it last night, and it was super good..now watching it again..love it… Watched it last night, awesome performance.. The perfect ‘couple’s night’ film… explosions, guns and fights for him- and Chris Hemsworth for her . Loved this film so much! Brilliant!. A film with the hero dying ain’t a film. Didn’t the writers attend a literature class? The evil one dies, and has to, alone. It’s a waste, after all the good action.. It’s Chris Hemsworth! What’s not to be liked!. Great action film and hope theirs gonna be a sequel if that was you at the end

Women samurai be strong be brave poster 2

We watched it last Saturday night! Action packed. He car chase scenes were awesome.. Loved this film. Well done to Chris and all the team. Can’t wait for Extraction 2!. Wow. Jeez this was fantastic. Loved it. Chris Hemsworth is superb in this. Fast paced, punchy action kept me on the edge of my seat. Please let there be a sequel.. Absolutely brilliant film from start to finish ,would 100% recommend. Great film watch it last night was gutted at the end. I thought it was poor, looked good when advertised… Love from Bangladesh.. .but was it the place to act in ? Iam quite doubt. Mate, keep doing work like this, i need more films this intense and awesome action ( maybe you wanna call Keanu to do together more awesome action that we NEED) lots of love!. Loved this film! Action packed, well produced and great character development! It’s more than just a “shoot ‘em up” action film. Well done sir!

Thor. Thor saving Ragnarok without Mjolnir and StormBreaker! . Going to watch this as soon as it comes out – this looks sick. I would like to see that available on dvd.. When this is all over Chris. I am heading up to Urunga to visit my Friend Mitchell Rae from Outer Island Surfboards. I will be dropping into Byron and IF I accidently DROP in on you I will apologise but don’t beat me up like you did in this Film. . I love the whole rugged warrior look. He could be in a ballerina tootoo and I am still in on him saving me. I would drown myself if chris Hemsworth was going to save me . Will watch anything Chris hemsworth in . Maybe Thor could take out the wheelie bin
Bin Isolation Outing – Bin Nation. how we became drug lord?. When is it going to air?

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