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His eloquence alone is a blessing in itself. No matter what one may or may not think of his deeds – the mere fact that he can speak perfect, round, well-tempered and meaningful sentences is already a boon.. I’ve not given into the audio books yet, even though I can’t see small print now. Your voice has always been so soothing to me, I would definitely get this.. I normally wouldn’t commit to a 29 hour (!!!) audiobook but I did with yours and enjoying every bit of hearing your voice in my ear. It’s a delightful book but the audio version is really special: your impersonations are great and the love in your voic… See More. I am blind and usually read audio books because braille books are rare. I loved that you read this one yourself! Thank you!. I’m not a fan of audiobooks, but I listened to A Promised Land and I loved it. Wolf protect them poster

Wolf protect them poster

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Listening to the book has been so wonderful! When I hear your voice …in my living room. Just Makes me smile.. Your mannerism and voice remind me so much of my late brother. I loving listening to you. Now that I know you narrated I will buy the audio book! . Finished it on Audible and looking forward to the next volume. Really enjoy hearing your voice. It’s calming!. While I love listening to your voice, I am reading the physical book, but you’ve written it so well that I can hear your voice anyway. You are truly great.. I’m listening to it now and LOVE it! It’s 29 hours and totally worth it–President Obama’s narration is amazing, and I love hearing his story told through his own voice.. Thank you for recording your words in your own voice. For many of us that’s the only way we can “read.” More than that, hearing your voice again just soothes my soul. Wolf protect them poster

Wolf protect them poster

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I just finished Dreams of My Father. I’m listening to A Promised Land now. Absolutely love them both! It makes all the difference to hear it in your voice. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the country. . My 13 year old is reading/listening to it now and he Loves it. . You, Michelle too, have a voice that is soothing to listen to. Love your audiobooks . Audible is lucky to have Obama’s book (A Promised land) part of their collections.. I am loving your audiobook. It’s so calming to listen to your voice. But sometimes it makes me sad that we had such a great president and we didn’t know it at the time. Thank you for all you did for us and I wish you a long, happy and relaxed life alon… See More. Love hearing your voice again! I’ve missed hearing it over the last 4 years and it gives me joy to listen to YOU telling your story. Excellently written but better hearing it, in my opinion.

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I’m loving listening to your audiobook! Your voice is both expressive and soothing. Reminds me of how much I enjoyed listening to you as President. Thank you for your many years of service to this country!. As a Pro myself, I am critical of some readers, but your reading of this very entertaining book is superb. I find myself smiling regularly…. I thourougly enjoyed listening to your book. Can’t wait for part two. You are an inspiration. You always give me a smile when I see you or hear you. Thank you Sir for beeing who you are.. I’m so happy you are the one who recorded your book. Listening to it now. Loved the part about your mother asking you which type of person do you want to be. I’ll share this with my kids.. Having Barack’s voice in my head is an antidote for so many ills. Wonderful reminder of what a good person sound like. Awesome read!

Received your audiobook as a gift from my husband. Listening to it now. Your narration is magnificent. I must admit, there were some parts, where I got emotional and teary eyed. How we all miss you Mr. President! Good bless . I listened to your reading of “Dreams from my Father”, and greatly appreciated hearing your telling of such formative aspects of the man you are. I look forward to listening to your reflections upon your eight years as our president. Thank you for pe… See More. You are a Champion and your family gives me hope for this great country. Thank you all for your service and for your passion for all people.. You’re spirit is heart-warming. I was so proud to be an American under your leadership. I miss you in the office. God bless you and your family, forever and always.. I purposely ordered the audiobook, and listened for hours working in my garden. It was so relaxing and reassuring listening to an articulate, calm, measured voice.

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