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Someday will do for my body and my back scraps.. Take off your shoes and try. Back lever . It’s really cool). There is something for you to work on.. I reckon you could do it…. I dare you to give it a go . Whatever you do Chris is magic . Plus Bobby’s a show off . Woah dudes — yeah i just put down my slice of Tavio. To be able to do that you really are Thor . Let’s see you try t-shirt challenge. That is most kind, if I think of anything, to say I will directly message you . This is just.. Crazy. Kinda like how south Africans feels right about now!. my favorite actor, I love it. Could you please just do that again Chris. Cool.!!!. Chris, sorry but.. HOW THE HELL?!. love the look on your face when you jumped down Chris WOLF BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE BADASS POSTER

Wolf be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Wolf be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

We work out every day- my doughter is 9 and work out harder and better then me . How much weight should I have lost after warching the video 5 more times? . This is my home workout. I call it ‘Open the door, close the door, brush down and vacuum’ repeated multiple times daily.. How about I just sit here and watch YOU work out Chris? Or would that defeat the purpose of this? . You are such a dude! . Just finished mine out in my garage! Keep sharing those home workouts!!. Hi Chris, I loved the video so much it inspired me to get back in shape and joined Centr and i love it! Feeling stronger already! Thanks man!. Thank you for doing this! Can’t think of a better person to do this, it motivated me to start working out during self isolation my workouts have been lacking, using it as en excuse to be lazy, thanks for being brilliant and providing motivation for oth… See More WOLF BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE BADASS POSTER

Wolf be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Wolf be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

I love watching you exercise but your voice holds my attention much more!. That’s class Chris thank you, 2 weeks quarantine over just another 10 to go.. Nothing better than watching a man with laundry in his arms
next video can you do squats putting the laundry in the machine . Maaate you doing good #proud .. So hard to keep positive with my life the way it has been the last couple years. Trying to keep going but arms buggered out #wrecked can’t work or work out. Will just watch the summer bay guy chillin out at home. Kit and… See More. I’ll do a home workout if you come and do it with me to show me how to do it properly . Thank you, Thor! You’re a real hero
I’ve always been an early person to get things done and always try to keep positive and motivation to stay naturally healthy. Well, I am all warm-up from disinfecting and cleaning our house to keep everything hyg… See More

Wolf be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

They’d get a better workout without their shirts on . Thanks! Great ideas..but practice better social distancing! . When did you film this? Hopefully not recently, Hems. You’re too close to each other.. Love watching your workout videos! the exercises you do are similar to the ones I do in self defense class! You will always be an awesome inspiration to us all Chris . Have a great weekend Chris and take care
I could help you with some personal training or something sometime take care dude have a great weekend . Where are the other five reps?? Great workout guys!!. 65 hours of work . That was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. Way to go guys. I’ll drink to that! . I want to see this but one upped by a famous Chris every day. Tomorrow: Laundry squats with a kid on top featuring Chris Pine

this is pointless….how are people ever gonna work out if they are immediately hypnotized by you…we’ll just sit there eating popcorn while watching your entire work out.. Thanks, Chris! You look like..are those milk jugs? No they’re weights. I was going to say, don’t steal my milk. I like my skim and 2% to stay right where it is you little schister! But you can have my huge stack of laundry. I noted the basket.. I know it’s two dudes, but all the laundry stuff just makes me think of a ladies workout lol Giving me ideas. Currently, I’m using my 20 lbs 8 month old as a weight to lift. Not sure if it’s effective, he thinks it’s funny though. .  hoping it’s not too late for me to jump in this scenario. I need to get my A back in the game after being off for meniscus surgery for quite a while… kind of fell off the ladder after all that hard work

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