American People will really miss you although you were a crazy President . He ALWAYS follows through. If he tells the American people he is going to do something, you can take it to the bank!. Sorry, but we don’t need vaccines for a virus with a recovery rate of over 99% for most people.. You are the “MAN”you go POTUS!!!!. He was right about a lot of things look what has happened in our election. He is a great President.. The Left hates the truth. They love living in their made-up, censored reality. Thankfully OVER HALF of Americans disagree. We must fight it!. Trump u can come to india! U have many supporters here! Invest in india! Our youth have great competence too. now they want to hold off the vaccine until after biden is sworn in so what does that tell you about how much they care for the american people Wolf Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Wolf Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Wolf Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster- A3

The vaccine came during your term, as promised. Some even laughed about itnot only did it come…BUT 90% EFFECTIVE!. Of course the left is taking credit. Love you Trump! Keep fighting! . The Pfizer vaccine is the mRNA One which permanently alters your DNA forever and every generation after you. We are not freak show science experiments these shots have never ever been used on humans before Its a hell no from me. Everything you’ve said you’ll do, you did! We support you and are praying for you!! Thank you for being what our country needed and I’m so sorry others can’t see that. Thank you for everything please keep fighting we need you!!!. I see a leader who doesn’t back down from a fight. Someone who fights for Americans. Someone who cares for Americans and won’t let us down! Keep up the fight and keep putting your people first, and we will always back you! We love you Mr. President. Wolf Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Wolf Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

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We know you always come through Mr President that’s why we love you so much!. No mandated vaccine though! Those who wish to get it, can get it. We appreciate your efforts. This could be done by any other citizen in the office youre holding but kindly accept the voice of the Americans. Maybe your service was unsatisfying. In every post of Trump we see Joe Biden is the Projected winner. Big tech doing their thing. Everything he said was spot on
Mail in ballots.. Of course he was right! The Democrats have never worked WITH our President. The media is also against him! Everything he has done in the last four years has been in SPITE of them!!!. We love you. Please keep fighting. You are the only savior we have, the last stop before democracy is gone in this country. You have been treated like garbage by the left & the media. I hate it, it makes me sick to my stomach. Please don’t let them ste…

Wolf Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster- A1

Pfizer developed the vaccine and planned it and trialed it without any help for your administration and now you want to take credit for it. You are one hell of a president and work so hard for us. Funny pfizer had nothing to do with Warp speed because they didnt want it to be politicized. Imagine that. Trump gets no credit for this. I’m not for the vaccine but I am for ppl doing what they said they would do.. I love this President and how he loves his country. I can’t wait for him to be reelected it will happen. The American people will not let him down do not give up president Trump we are standing with you!. I’m willing to protect my children, my President, and my country from the media and leftists democrats that wants to change our freedom loving country!. We are with you all the way!!!

Small please. The mini is the normal size phones use to be before companies decided everyone needed a fking tablet in their pocket. Something smaller, cute and more of modern technology, great graphics. iPhone sucks so hard the battery drains so fast Samsung all the way!. I still want a physical keyboard. Too much to ask?. Can I just get a regular sized phone (small) with a decent battery. I hate the oversized models.. In that case, why not just carry a laptop around?. That’s like stepping backwards . iPhones are complete trash!!. My iPhone 7 works better . Or you could just not buy the phone.. Am I the only one whos only used to the fingerprint scanner and never ever wanna use face ID cuz it’s less convenient. undefined. So, do I hate it or do I?. How I wish someone can buy some for me as my birthday present,,,, so cute

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