Paid for with our taxes yes. However he also works for us for free so stop trying to find a negative in every little thing he does.. This is so cool now there is nothing left in America that is true or honest !! It just about how you can be a bully when you have the power…. it’s a sad day for the military in the US , which no longer can stand up for the truth!! Nothing other th… . Trump who is a billionaire is not stupid and didn’t become one and not use the tax code to his advantage. If you don’t that is your fault. If you think Obama care was so great, explain why my premiums for insurance more than doubled. Linda Lynch, . Our President has not taken one penny of his salary, hes donated it . Open your eyes and see all the good he has done for our country. Witchcraft knowledge tumbler

Witchcraft knowledge tumbler

Witchcraft knowledge tumbler- pic 1

Obama already screwed up our medical care. As just one person, I personally lost two great doctors to Obamacare. Please think about reality for a moment.. Dana Harris I enjoy educated people if you think a flu virus that will go away is a reason to vote to ruin your freedom as a us citizen and that of our country wow you are who those asses are counting on. Prayers and well wishes to the most hardest working President in the world for his people ! Get well soon. After 26 Years of Military service I served with some of the best leaders and some of the worst. POTUS is Strong, Bold, Aggressive. Three traits you really want in a Leader.. Clearly the “Most Dangerous Man On Earth”. This will be one of history’s darkest moments. Already is but our children’s children will not believe this sh*t!. Going to vote tomorrow before the left does something making so we cant vote in person Trump 2020 let all vote tomorrow show them who we are voting for Witchcraft knowledge tumbler

Witchcraft knowledge tumbler

Witchcraft knowledge tumbler- pic 2

Do your thing and talk about your accomplishments in the past 4 years and let Joe talk about his accomplishments the last 50, I would bet your 4 out do his 50. No interrupting let him mumble and stumble thru it.. Focus on your achievements in office. Theyre many. Even the ones that people have never heard before. Yes. Just let him speak. He will put his foot in his mouth everytime. Give your agenda and speak of you numerous accomplishments for the people.
Pause GIF. Please try to stay calm even though I know it’s hard with all the lies and how unfair it is! Their true colors will shine through and might give Biden a chance to put his foot in his mouth!. It would be nice to see an impartial mediator at these debates.. Any KNOCKOUT plan at second round?. Really happy that you were able to beat this virus and declared healthy. Looking forward to the debate.

I am beyond excited!!! Youre coming back stronger and tougher!!. Keep healing, and be completely well. Weve got you in November!! Be well, Warrior! We love you. Less interruptions though would be good!. We will be watching & praying. It is incredible how all the young people love you. They could do something else, but many I know look forward to these debates. They will be our nation’s leaders oneday.. I will keep praying for a fair debate. Let Biden talk because people will see he has dementia and he forgets what he is saying. You got this. Hopefully they will give you the respect you deserve. You have a lot of support! . Glad to see you are feeling better but please get some rest before the debate. Looking forward to it as well. Always praying for you.. Please a little self control will make you look better than trying to immediately defend yourself, we already know that the other side doesn’t play fair

I know you are anxious to get back out there but rest and get better . Your base is still here . You haven’t lost us . We will be there on Election Day ! You just need to rest . There is no president who has. Yes, we are vey much looking forward to the debate; we also are wishing you and the family well. We appreciate all that you have done to make the USA a better place. You will go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, President in histor… . Just let Joe talk. Hes his own worst enemy.. Have a cleaning crew go in ahead of you and sterilize your podium and the areas your family and staff will be seated. Can’t help but think your getting Covid was intentional.. Lordt please don’t give them an oz of ammo..just let him ramble and let it be…we already know he’s incapable. Get well..heal and pray!!!

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