Senile Joe and the Dems will crash the economy just watch and see. Here comes that Biden economy.. Slip a bit ?. #LoserRepublicans. If you use the word LOVE incorrectly, everyone will go to LAWFARE or INJUSTICE!. Dark Winter Ahead. Now that everyone in the world who wears masks are getting infected at record rates worldwide can we all be at a concensus thats masks dont help. Th e corona virus is 0.3 micron in size, smaller than any filtered mask. Only an N95 mask thats fitted f… . Trump you and your radical supporters can move to Russia if youll don’t agree with the American constitution. Human rights violations and acts of terrorism in progress using advanced technologyneed immediate involvement…see my profile page for information.. Hello Witch The Soul Of A Gypsy Poster Philippines, I know It’s might not be relevant to you now, but when you start Saving upto 700,000pesos like me then it will always be relevant to you, 3days ago I made the sum of 120,000pesos with Mrs Sarah waghmare, I’m not begging you if y… See More Gentle Smart

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Even Trump knows hes lost he just wants to continue to divide the country.. While everyone is worrying about election fraud and the President conceding don’t you think it likely that he is stalling for time? I would bet there is a ton of shredding and deleting of emails going on in the administration so that the American peopl… . Trump can’t thank his own supporters for their votes much less our Veterans. At this point who cares? Trump was voted out overwhelmingly and is irrelevant. The less media attention he gets, the faster he’ll be gone. Narcissists crave attention. Witch The Soul Of A Gypsy Poster Play GIF. President Biden Elect should MOST DEFINITELY have access to all briefingswhy wouldn’t he, unless Trumpy Dumpty is HIDING SOMETHING and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the real reason he won’t get the hell out and concede. He wasn’t a TRUSTWORTHY m… See More. I know that some people are not happy with the election. It is over we need to go forward with love for our fellow man. I didn’t care for the president. I agree with Como on his statements. They are afraid of a man that they have given power to and… See More

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Dont worry the next four years we will return the same hospitality that you gave the current administration.. The great thing is they are crying so loud and all Trump is doing is going about his legal avenues to contest the results. The orange clown cried fraud to ask his dumm supporters for donations
money that will REALLY be use to pay his debts and lawyers to keep him from going to jail
Play GIF. He knows he lost that’s why he’s doing nothing about the C19no updates….i.e. ‘let ’em die’….that’s his thought. One church here had their federal food distribution cut off right after the election…a let ’em starve mentality too. That’s okay,… . Still more proof with thousands of sworn statements under penalty of perjury in multiple states. That’s more proof than Democrats ever gave on Russian Collusion which CNN pushed for 4 years. By the Way where’s that evidence Adam Schiff promised us? Sti… See More

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The numbers of positive test are (Trumped) up. I have a family member that tested positive but ironically doesnt have it. This is just one story of people I know that the left is adding to the numbers. We are being lied to and trained to comply to the… . Question is WHY he wants to stay president when he is not doing his job right now fighting the pandemic at all.. Thank God he will soon gown. Can you see what 4 more years of that man would look like.. Well, Trump is still throwing tantrums about ridiculous electoral fraud claims! Well, he surely knows that he lost, but is trying to stall the certification of ballots.. I mean I don’t know what the numbers are now but 2 days ago 237 accounts of fraud has been brought up to courts. Some cases have gotten attention and investigation from the DoJ, while others are being dismissed. Is and will it be enough to overturn … See More

Thanks to president. Trump keep. Good job!!!keep. Republicans. Resist!!. Dump Trump vote blue. They know there is no fraud..just sore loserslike trump. Ticketmaster plans to check your COVID VACCINE status for events and concerts.. Does this means now CNN will report this on a daily basis under Joe Biden presidency???. Yup trump sitting there and crying like a child and doing nothing to help the job market or stop the virus from spreading or even the job he was elected to do , but rather hide and piss and moan , thank god he was voted out. Stocks are down because of trump filing lawsuits against states. Bidens win had them up
Biden win boosts global stock markets as FTSE 100 surges. Please believe that Jesus Christ suffered, shed his blood for the forgiveness of your sins on the cross.. No point in investing in the US markets anymore better to trade in the chinese market for better faster returns

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