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A video of African American children in a car being pulled over by the police. They were terrified. Later a video of a white child, his birthday, but due to COVID, couldn’t have a party, so police we’re driving by, hitting their sirens. Grinning ear-to-ear. The difference broke my heart. EDIT I whole heartily believe there are good and bad in every profession, one of my friends is a cop, a good cop. There should not be a blue wall of silence. Wisconsin For Trump Flag.  I love hearing your voice again.I am so sad to hear all of this hate but proud of those Americans standing up to it and we do need strong leaders like you so much. Thank you. Had we all not been cheated you would be in the WH and the picture would be very different I have no doubt. You do realize that her name was on the warrant that was being served? Her boyfriend fired on the police first, striking an officer. The police returned fire. It’s a tragic situation. But the boyfriend should not have fired , not knowing who he was firing at. It could have been a family member of his, banging on the door. No one fires a gun unknowingly of who or what you are shooting at. That’s the first thing you are taught in gun safety classes. The cops unfortunately struck her but had the boyfriend not fired first , she would still be alive.

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