The science is clear , vaccines is the only solution to stop the pandemic!. I won`t be having this vaccine, It has been rushed into production, I react badly to the flu vaccine & stopped having flu jabs 10 years ago after becoming ill after the jab & having to have 3 months off work.So I don`t think this is for me P.S I have … . The younger generation haven’t seen the catastrophic results of the likes of polio, measles, mumps, rubella or TB because of the generations that came before them who did get vaccinated. We live in a relatively safe environment compared to the early pa… See More. There are plenty of cases of young people dying and having severe multi-system/organ problems.. I am not anti-vaccine. However, I have had some very adverse reactions to vaccines in the past , in particular BCG where I was left with an open sore on my arm for more than 2 years. BCG was and is a tried and tested vaccine. I would therefore be ex… See More Winter is here hoodie

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Nooooo I voted for the fantail to win.rigged,the kakapo has already won. Any suggestions Donnie.. Dave Morgan Winter is here hoodie Looks and walks like”Sleepy Joe Biden”too!. Joye Hunt The Kakapo was one of the highlights of our trip to the South Island, one tried to eat the rubber seal on our windshield it deserves its title!. International organizations attach great importance and react promptly to insignficant cases of environmental violence, however Azerbaijan is facing at the moment a real environmental terror commited by #Armenia. Hear our voices!. The Boomers tipped this election because Kakapo make a booming noise when they are randy.. Joost you made my day l read it 3 times and couldnt stop laughing. BBC News please add macrons for Kākāpō and add the te reo Māori name for the albatross – Toroa. Ngā mihi. More mindless claptrap from the useless tossers in BBC news. Cousin of the Norwegian Blue. We witness barbarian extermination of our natural resources, environmental genocide and unfortunately, inaction of international organizations and relevant environmental conventions. The world must#EcoTerrorism

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It’s too soon to understand what the long term impacts are it cannot be ready for human consumption before end Aug next year. I won’t take a vaccine until I know the side effects. Ray Baldwin. I would never tell anyone that they shouldn’t have it but I don’t think I will bother . I don’t trust the government or those scientists but I’m only talking for myself it’s up to everyone to make their own choices. Silas Kabui Njagi. I think anybody refusing the flu jab or the vaccine is being really selfish.. Are you sure about the claim that the vaccine will have been tested on thousands and passed tough tests? Sounds like propaganda.. James Carr. Wonder when theyll create a vaccine against stupidity .. There’s nothing to be concerned about because they don’t need it!. Michael Holding. when the media AND government has had it wrong at so many issues. Its hard to believe them when they inject you with vaccine that hasn’t gone through proper trails…

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I hope we look back in years to come and regret how hysterical we were all were about this virus and actually laugh. Yup, removed both my kids from school due to covid. They are doing okay learning from home. Also they are not being politically indoctrinated and brainwashed by the loonies . School is the best place for children’ says the government the same government that chose not to provided proper educational funding, the same government who chose not to support struggling parents, the same government who care more about profit th… . If schools were able to offer a blended approach many more would stay registered with schools. It’s better for children. The schools are looting places and brainwash children into being usual sheep.. Rue Lorraine. BBC, be honest on the wording. LOCKDOWN is causing schooling problems, NOT the pandemic. Research SWEDEN, they are doing fine without lockdowns, infact very well as only the ones at risk are kept safe.

They should of shut the schools down one of my kids have been told today there not back in till the 23rd coz of lack of teachers.. So schools are not the main drivers in spreading the virus. Not what you reported yesterday when you said that children were the most lightly way the virus could be introduced into the home. Make your minds up. Total contradiction.. Perhaps if the government followed the Royal Society Report (which they commissioned and was based on scientific advice) recommendations to have more teachers, smaller class sizes and more distancing, parents would feel safer sending their child to sch… . Sarah Ward
I would love
to home school. They are not out of school”, they are attending classes at home!. Russell Fry. Thats what happens when schools try & indoctrinate peoples children with fear, The parents have had enough of it whether it be covid or climate scares, so quite rightly removed their kids & I congratulate them.

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