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My wife and I enjoy hearing you sing, your voice is lovely.. I really love how high your skirt is cutie pie, hiding the belly button takes away harshness for the front leaving more skin open.. Absolutely beautiful. Have been since your first movie i seen you in. The New Guy. Happy holidays. You looked great with blonde hair in Elf. Elf the movie is playing at the Kansas City Union Train Station with Covid precautions When I Look My Dog I Don’t Just See An Animal I See A Friend I See Family Mug Play GIF. Always listen to your instincts no matter how quiet they are!!!. Need you to sing a certain song with a certain Elf!!. I liked your role as Jovie in Elf.. If only that meant you were starring in Elf 2!. Zooey, would you please sing me happy birthday ?. Sit on my lap so I can tell you what I want for Christmas? Grazie.. Travis Steigerwalt. You should go to Starfleet, 24th century.

When I Look My Dog I Don’t Just See An Animal I See A Friend I See Family Mug

When I Look My Dog I Don't Just See An Animal I See A Friend I See Family Mug 1

Words fail me, what a wonderful photo. You’re a bit of a personal hero of mine. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Zooey. Wishing you and yr family a great weekend. Christine Tomasiewicz. Just watched a bunch of new girl thanksgiving episodes . So fabulous! You look awesome as well, Zooey!. Happy Thanksgiving young lady!. Happy thanksgiving! We are enjoying watching ELF right now.. You are beautiful girl! Happy Thanksgiving!. Good Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving!. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.. Those are some bad ass ovens! Happy Thanksgiving!. Happy Thanksgiving Zooey! Love you in all your shows and movies! Especially in Elf for this holiday season! Aloha and stay safe!. Happy Thanksgiving hun have a fabulous evening . I’ve been watching the New Girl Thanksgiving episodes, miss that show! Happy Thanksgiving!. Only yummyness I see is you. Happy Thanksgiving. I would like to see your whole kitchen; i bet its amazing. When I Look My Dog I Don’t Just See An Animal I See A Friend I See Family Mug

When I Look My Dog I Don’t Just See An Animal I See A Friend I See Family Mug

When I Look My Dog I Don't Just See An Animal I See A Friend I See Family Mug 3

Zooey I heard your beautiful voice in Target tonight singing “I’ll be home for Christmas,” and I knew when I heard the first note that it was you…thank you for brightening my night.. Already started playing my a very she and him Christmas vinyl.. So sad a Christmas tour is nonexistent this year . Love She & Him! You’re Christmas album is my all time favorite holiday album!. Hi Zooey! I discovered She & Him a few months ago. I bought all your albums. I love your music and your voice! I’m training to play some of your songs on ukulele. Wish you could record more albums! Have a great day. . Cliff Pryor. My husband surprised me last year with tickets to your show in Los Angeles. It was amazing and easily one of the best highlights of our year! Thanks and looking forward to seeing another show in the future.

When I Look My Dog I Don't Just See An Animal I See A Friend I See Family Mug 2

Thank you for spending your time on so many charitable causes. It says a lot about you as a person.. Mary Maga Baker
That is fantastic. Dion Dixon. Congratulations Zooey . You look like you guys are about to put that baby in the bag.. A great cause!!. Good for you, Zooey. Jp Ang. I love you . Suria Suri
You are so nice inside out Zooey. I hope there are many people out there following your gesture & attribute. Keep it up . Awesome, keep it up! . But why aren’t masks being worn? It’s a bit contradictory. Helping vulnerable children impacted by COVID-19, but posing with a vulnerable child without wearing a mask? I mean, it’s a good cause, but a very strange promo.. Love you Zooey for doing this . Pause GIF. What a great cause. . When that baby grows up he will always have this picture to look back fondly on. Lol keep up the great work Zooey!!!

ZOOEY DONATED 5,000$ So to everyone freaking out at her, y’all need to be put in your place right now. She was not obligated to pay a cent. She still gave a huge amount that no doubt the family is extremely thankful for.. I have known Monica since highschool. For those of you that think this is a joke or want to belittle Zooey for “not doing more” you need to see your way off of this feed. They do not need your negativity.. Katy Perry is your double
Play GIF. I completely understand with a lot of people here saying why ask us to donate when she can donate that full amount, but where does it say we can’t be compassionate as well. It would be great to see Zooey donate too but what the world is missing is empa… See More. Michelle Proffitt. I just want to suggest to people saying it is in poor taste for Zooey not to just give her enough that YES wealth disparity is a huge issue, but also, perhaps the recipients themselves would be uncomfortable accepting thousands from one or two people a… See More

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