We're all mad here doormat


My bigmomma and I marched with Rep John Lewis and Martin Luther King in Alabama I was 4yrs old, Rep John Lewis is climbing his stairway to heaven Heaven Well Done Our Angel We’re all mad here doormat Mary Blackman I had the pleasure of seeing Congressman John Lewis on a recently interview on the national news in which he was ask on his views and feeling about about the thousands of young protesters marching for justice and equality for black lives matters . H… See More

We’re all mad here doormat

We're all mad here doormat - pic 1

Congressman John Lewis WILL BE MISSED! Condolences to his family! He led with his heart giving us inspiration, & strength standing up for what’s right justice, freedom to vote, & for equality! John Lewis, & Martin Luther King Jr. Stood together marchin… See More We’re all mad here doormat Congressman John Lewis was a great man. A huge loss for our country. He always chose to do the right thing for our nation. I always felt so assured that he was there to fight for those who had no voice or were weakened by life. Condolences to the famil… See More

We’re all mad here doormat

He is a true hero. Selflessness was his model- caring driving his actions throughout his lifetime. I taught elementary children and HS level about his Civil Rights actions and had each level do research projects about his actions that now are his legac… See More We’re all mad here doormat John Lewis has self esteem. He had dignity for all walk of life. He was a hero freedom for right. A big old soul & a caring men. Congressman John Lewis was such an inspiration for us all. Thank you for your service and relentless fight for the betterment of humanity and all mankind. You will be deeply missed. RIH

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