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Come on Leo. I love ya but you’re on the wrong side. Weimaraner Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster Btw, Your comment has probably already been commented by someone else. & I have responded, didn’t think I would trigger this many of you…but I’m done responding . This is why you should never listen to celebrity to tell you what to do because they only Interest is for the rich not for the poor. I shared this video and one of my GOP friends reported it to FB and they flagged it as Violent????. What in the world is this horrible production?? Not even an auto tune with all the equipment available for celebrities with no skills get lost.. Isn’t Jennifer Hudson the one the president helped when her family member died? How quickly people forget.. when jennifer Hudson’s family got murdered Donald Trump opened his hotel for her to stay safe and really took care of her. What a sin ! They have no respect !!!

Weimaraner Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Weimaraner Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 1

Lidia Eili. BE THE CHANGE VOTE! The song by Huey Lewis THE POWER OF LOVE is the winning ticket the canadate with empathy!. How about instead of us deciding who gets to control stuff we just turn our focus to doing the actual repair that is necessary to stop the destruction of our society and ecosystem. 7 million people have died in the last year from hunger. That is 7x the… See More. Alice Darby Weimaraner Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster Don’t count us out world! The American spirit is alive and well. The more they cheat and try to rob us of our vote the more determined we are. Sure we can! Any registered voter in Kansas City Jackson County Missouri can vote at Arrowhead, Home of the KC Chiefs.. Who in God’s name wrote this post?. انا شهد. I’m glad we are getting encouragement to vote. Yes it is important. I never did vote before. I honestly didn’t want anything to do with politics. Until my grandfather found out and told me that he fought in war so I could have that privilege. That stu… See More

Weimaraner Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

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I’m standing right here with you Leonardo DiCaprio in the great sea of blue. . If you can’t vote for Joe for something he said in 1973. Think about what the other guy said five minutes ago.. Can’t stand the term “people of color”. As if white people are absent of color or heritage, In every single way the term “people of color “means everybody except for white people. It’s offensive and Appling that in 2020 it’s socially accepted to say “… See More. 47 years in politics and what has changed? I see more hate now then ever. Im voting for the person who donates his annual salary and sacrificed himself for us. We are a mess and we need to get it together.. Because young minds are easier to manipulate.
Play GIF. How about letting people decide for themselves who they want to vote for and stop trying to “help” them decide.

Weimaraner Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 2

As of Middle Eastern background I vote for Trump because my country is going through hell and government are doing nothing and look at America Trump is doing everything for his people and still some are not appreciating him unbelievable.. Hahahaha getting desperate now. Tik tok tik tok. I can’t wait to see the monumental hissy fit when he wins a second term. If you thought it went crazy in 2016 then get ready because its going to be EPIC! Lol . Olga Lemaeva
Mr.DiCaprio! It’s great that you show your caring civic position by your example !. Leo, you might be the one person who can make a difference. Trump just legalized hunting Grey Wolves here in Wisconsin, which are an endarged species in the Midwest.. Love Jonah Hill
seems really sweet & genuinely kind;.. a man with a very good soul. Bill Hader will be super super present!

Stefan Jung
Great commitment in your country, again. Good luck for the election to choose the right future in the U.S.A… im a grand mother and im a filipina but since you were a teen i kept on watching your movies until now. my favorite movies of yours is titanic and the revenant.. completely agree with you, the vote is a duty, but unfortunately in your country a right not acquired for everyone, hope this changes in the future. The real voice resonates far away.. Alice Darby
For anyone who doubts. انا شهد. Oh for gods sake more Hollywood please we have had enough! Go Away. Walking the Talk, Leo. Good for you! . I have to see u bro it big mate x mbm I will ring you on your mobile 12? Is that okay mate fot its lunchtime there for you mate?. Thank you for encouraging people to vote. I hope that we all can work together

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