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Dave SnaveYou realize of course that every company in America that has to pay those taxes pass that onto the consumer right? I mean you get that right? . Dennis SchubertJust a tax and overspend socialist. The private sector will never have enough money for you to spend. . Shawn Richard PetersonThink bigger: repeal the 16th, replace with national sales tax like the FairTax4 . Julio AlejandroYou know the country is backwards when such a common sense proposal (everyone paying their fair share) is viewed and painted as a “radical”, “unrealistic” or “revolutionary” idea.11 . Vicki ScrimgerYes, get Biden to raise the taxes, close the loopholes & crack down on offshore companies! Just do it!!!1 . Rich SmithBernie, please do something. When all you do is talk and talk your words mean less and less. Until you actually do something quit wasting the American people’s time!  . Dan NortonTaxes are immoral and should be abolished. It’s wrong to forcibly take people’s money.2  Viking raven vegvisir 3d shirt

Viking raven vegvisir 3d shirt

Clayton YoungSo so dumb. Just make it 15% without deductibles and we would protect business and gain significant more tax revenue1 . Laurie CappucciAnd make our infrastructure world class. Gluttonous, rich Americans won’t like this post. They will continue to sell the USA out and we will continue to circle the drain and eventually go down. Trump is an example. . Brian GottBet you’ve never used the Tax system to your advantage, have you?3 . Spencer AhearnYeah, send all the corporations to Ireland where they won’t pay a dime. That will certainly bring prosperity. 4 . Top FanJohn BowenYes.. squeeze the life out of them. DO NOT work with anyone.. Just threaten and bully them.. Force them to do what you want. It’s not like they are free to leave or do anything they want with the money they earned.. right? They will see there is no way… See More . Rachel Victoria WolfeI think the government and churches and people involved should pay initially and then taxes would be so minimal in comparison. Universal health care and is the only way people would pay that. Maybe.1  Viking raven vegvisir 3d shirt

Viking raven vegvisir 3d shirt

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