Viking Fenrir Wolf Bedding Set


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Thank you Leo they are destroying last clean rivers in Europe . Meanwhile here in philippines i hope all filipinos unite to oppose the kaliwa dam in sierra madre mountains. You are a good men Leo.We should marry you with a bosnian women . Jamanah Plus Sundance Nicolson Viking Fenrir Wolf Bedding Set Thanks Leonardo DiCaprio . Put effort in speaking up against china. They are the one who has the highest number of dams in this world building everywhere in occupied Tibet. Last but not least, I want to add Serbia and “Stara planina” to this list. We have defended our mountain rivers from greedy capitalists and building hydroelectric machines on it. Stop eating meat and drive cars. Simply it’s f. ing up out little plane… See More. Rural-art is born!! Eco-cultural activism and subversion to transmit the messages.. Check tne one from Serbia, village Rakita (where we destroyed part of the pipe).. Promise from “Suits and faces in high places, telling lies in shirt and ties”. Here in Bosnia we’ve been listening promises for two decades and nothing has changed yet. Good luck

Viking Fenrir Wolf Bedding Set

Viking Fenrir Wolf Bedding Set 1

Some of the most beautiful landscapes of Albania were created by dams built in the last century. Viking Fenrir Wolf Bedding Set They also helped make Albania into one of the most advanced countries in the World in terms of Electricity production infrastructure.. So nice that you care and raise your voice against the destruction of Vjosa river. the tides are turning, let love & common sense prevail and keep going . I don’t know you notice this comment. But, sir We should transform Next environmental day to a healing day… You have to implement a world wide project ,…. We need your help to Save The Zambezi. The last pristine gorge, along with the world’s best whitewater is under imminent threat from a mega hydro dam.. The pillaging of pristine countryside and resources must be stopped.. While Trump is stalling his transition, he is selling off portions of the Arctic Preserve to rich oil barons. He has plans to drill in the Sequoia National Forest and the Grand Canyon. He wants to privatize our National Parks.

Viking Fenrir Wolf Bedding Set

Viking Fenrir Wolf Bedding Set

That’s great news! Something positive in the works! Yes, thank you for sharing Leonardo DiCaprio!. Which source of power generation is economically viable , can cater to energy demand and not detrimental to environment?. Alison Monks-Plackett. Silly folk – they should learn from N. Macedonia: the Ministry of Ecology is pushing a law that allows damming and hydro-power facilities in National Parks.. Good sir for protect our nature in the world and I have heart for your voice in climate change in UN.Iam very admire as you are in nature enthusiast and social worker lots of love sir. Thank you for shedding some light on a country that is capable of making a significant impact on the well-being of our planet. Please take a look at the deforestation of the mangroves and big part of the rainforest in mexico that is being cut off in order to make an oil refinery and a train route that neither are benefitial and the only real reason for them are the faraohnic s… See More

Now over to protecting the fresh spring waters in BiH and Balkans from becoming the private property Damir Nikšić . Leonardo care! We also need HELP in SERBIA!. Stella Alderani. I Don’t trust Albanian prime minister !
70% of Albanian ist mountain and of course many rivers !. Thx Leonardo DiCaprio … however on the other hand wars have also negatively impacted the Environment. Leo Angel. Nataliya Todor
Good you know what Albania and Balkan’s mean . When we have power shortages now, I am sure you will be there for us.. Thank you for your engagement in this Leo!! We are working with this in Sweden to! If you ever come here I’ll give you a tour, showing our dam-demolition-locactions!. Leonardo DiCaprio, Albania must be so beautiful. Wanna check it out one of these days ? I wanted to go years ago already. I´ll live close by there soon again Close to Vienna to be exact.

It is nice to heard .Thank you you worked to save everything on the world it was great picture .Take care and God Bless you. I’m so enamored of remote places! One of my favorite.. How will windmills save birds and how about all the wildfires in California caused by rotting trees and brush. Why don’t you worry about cleaning up California.. Good for you to post something else than Biden-promotion again and again. Otherwise I might become a hater. Is there a category for top-hater? I wonder anyway what Top-Fan means, I would call it Top-Stalker.. a very good initiative, provided that it lasts and continues in this direction. Tristan de Cunha is one of my favorite places–I wanted to move there when I was much younger & more adventurous. So happy to hear this news!. I first heard of the island of Tristan da Cunha in a novel by Jules Verne and dreamed of the heroes of the novel as a child. Congratulations Leonardo DiCaprio for the selflessness you fight to protect the earth. And, please allow a Romanian, born on … See More

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