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Yamiche is such a LIAR! Cutting off social media posts (twitter) in order to distort the truth to sway public opinion in a negative aspect towards President Trump… up your “Yammy”!. You are part of a hate group called the media. You are one of the reasons PBS should not be funded by the Gov.. Yamiche, you are not an objective, credible, professional journalist. You are a polemic, an advocate. Your job is not to tell us what you think it is to give us the facts. You are obsessed with cultural Marxism, identity politics, and peddling white … See More. I would have no idea who Yamiche Alcindor was but I just heard her criticism of Matthew, a young paralyzed man running for Congress. You are despicable and the world is now awake to the nastiness of those who pretend they care about social justice. As … See More Veterans Day It takes a special person poster

Veterans Day It takes a special person poster

Veterans Day It takes a special person poster- A4

Do he think anybody in their right mind would listen to him before they listen to dr. Fauci? A fool. Thank you for your relentless and outstanding coverage. At a time when our WH administration is so incredibly unscrupulous, your reporting is so valuable to us.. Thank you, Yamiche. We are so proud of you.. Great reporting, as always. Thank you for your courage and dedication.. Trump plays Hot Potato like he is a pro athlete at it. If I had a nickel for every time he took responsibility for ANYTHING, I wouldn’t have enough change to buy penny candy.. This is the best photo of the bend over buddy ever … maybe it will keep his flapping trap shut!. Yamiche, I appreciate your reporting as always. I understand the need to address the attacks against Dr. Fauci. Please also focus on the commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence. Please get GOP elected leaders on record regarding this travesty. DJT… See More Veterans Day It takes a special person poster

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Veterans Day It takes a special person poster- A3

Thank you for your reporting! What a sad state of affairs in our country.. Yamiche, thank you for your excellent reporting, as usual!. I just do not understand why this country accepts what this white house is giving us…… I PREDICT– A miraculous decline in positives shortly before the election……. Yup! We have a crazy man in the White House? He needs to go and sit in a jail.. I’m so tired of him, please everyone, vote trump out and all his cronies go too!. Trump is a malignant sociopath(as is DeVos). Stay well, Yamiche, and keep reporting the truth.. 45 thinks he can make the truth go away by obscuring it. He can not. The fact that he would put his chances of reelection above the health and lives of the American people tells us everything we need to know. As someone on MSNBC said tonight, no body c… See More

Veterans Day It takes a special person poster- A2

I vote for you! Thank you for superb reporting and reminding us that the Force is with us! It’s called Truth. Makes me both sad and angry. Thank you Yamiche Alcindor and all those who have begun to unpack the numbers to reveal what so many already know. Keep at it!!. Thank you for your continued commitment to honest journalism. . Please stay on this…trump will continue to divert and we need what is left of our real journalists. Thank you.. Thank you for your commitment to the most important stories today.. Seeing you in the press room, with you always trying make a point. It’s an embarrassment. You call yourself a journalist. You’re not. You are very biased and unfair and always trying to have a gotcha moment. God bless you Yamiche Alcindor and keep you and your family safe.. Excellent interview! A major issue no-one is talking about. Wealth inequality. Class/Race warfare. We have to care.

Thank you for your reporting. True form of a narcissist to attack and scapegoat someone to divert the responsibility away.. Yamiche, you are the best! Thank you for your courage!. Thank you for all you’re doing to put the truth first!. Your reporting is so important to us all right now. Keep standing strong and asking the hard questions that we need to have answered.. Thank you for your hard work. You are appreciated.. Are we surprised? This is his MO, it’s what he does best Bully people into submission.. Well, one thing is certain. If Trump attacks you, it means you’ve done something right.. Yet another distraction. We need to figure out why.. He’s always blaming someone else. First Obama, now Fauci, who’s next. But you’re the President, that’s supposed to be running this country! Trump doesn’t know how to run nothing but he’s damn mouth!!!. Thank you Yamiche! We watch you every evening.

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