Veteran When everything goes to hell poster


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Everybody who has anything negative to say and don’t understand the message please stay out and keep your racism to yourself please and thank you!. No going back to silence ,hushed words and forgotten Lives . Veteran When everything goes to hell poster We stand up as a important people and make a stand! .. Now that’s POWER TO THE PEOPLE!. Strong words to keep & use. this is you voice? really man?. #justiceforelijahmcclain as well Tyrese. Powerful message people please stop thinkbout we blackwomen or loss our family friends our beautiful soul I just gone please please don’t let it happen to us again we are love we are somebody Husband. Blacks wakeup, we need standup for all of these sadful stories happening to we blacks before and now.. Lots of haters on this post! Go somewhere else. You are still the Man to me!!!. Rip. undefined. Is no mirage to me…The heated air…in the real ..whether or not we… I knew you… A Special: In the mirror The appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road … by the refraction of light from the sky…obtaining. Man! Whata invasion… See More

Veteran When everything goes to hell poster

Veteran When everything goes to hell poster 3

This is Usa now !!!!!!!!!!!. This happend always olso to white people but nobody never shows. Only when there black then and only then it will be a big time problem.. Powerful. This Tammy Meeks do everything on your computer from home. Your a smart brother. Host a show from like the Grammy awards it will look like your there but you are at home. Tyrese and C’lo you both did an amazing job explaining how we feel. I have sent it to everyone I know and they feel the same way I do. Loved this body of work.. How many children died because of drug.. The only solution is the African State of America. Fight for it and you will become free.. “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” Veteran When everything goes to hell poster

Veteran When everything goes to hell poster

Veteran When everything goes to hell poster 2

A real Masterpiece right here the truth as we live it. Thank you for supporting and acknowledgement how real this is. Black Lives Matter and to be clear Black Legacy is here to STAY.. This is a great video. Thank Tyrese for putting all the feelings, actions and word of our people on film and sharing for the world to see. To give a glance of our life and daily struggles!!. I just booo hooooo cried watching this. I’ve always loved Tye and this is powerful. Revolution here we come.. We shouldn’t need videos like this we live in the 21st century ffs it’s disgusting what is happening to black people and people who are saying all lives matter you need to be less selfish of corse all lives matter but it’s not everyone who is having th… See More. IT’S SAD AND I’M ANGRY AT THE SAME TIME..WHERE ARE THE BLACK VOICES OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS?? ARE YOUR HANDS TIED?? ARE YOU AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT?? ARE YOU STANDING WITH THEM WHILE MY BRO.S AND SISTERS ARE BEING DENIED LIFE?? TALK TO ME…

Veteran When everything goes to hell poster 1

This was one of the best videos that I have seen speaking volume across the world that this cannot go on justice for those who can’t get it my heart goes out to you power to the people. i wish onlookers would jump in and save a life from police brutality….. stand together when it’s happening not when a life is taken or both. It was an honor to be apart of this music video…. #LEGENDARY . Deep video but so true today. Those young men and women murder are somebody, productive, inspiring, family people who had futures. Taken by those who were suppose to protect and serve, oops maybe not the BLM.. Tyrese this Tammy Meeks use your music in Commercials and still make money. I wasn’t through talking to you early .Remember when you said you need money because of COVID-19 a lot of actors and musicians are not making money. Be creative and make you a … See More

It’s about time that someone is speaking for the people who are not listened to until something tragic happens… lives matter….I look white but my mother was black….sending you my support always….because I C.A.R.E.. Me it makes me want to cry it’s so sad that the black continues to live the injustice until twentieth century. Why am I not ok with the opening scene?.. it felt wrong to act it in a song.. Why are the only white people in this video depicted as bad? There were white oriole begging then to stop and standing up for him. Also don’t forget one of the cops was black! This video is wrong and racist!. Awesome. In the beginning I felt a little bit offended, because I saw my race doing horrible things to the other race… (hitting, choking…). What I want to say is that I defenitely believe that we’re al equal and that y’all deserve the luck, the wealth and t… See More

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