Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster


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Merilyn Dalen Tuzon Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster Thanks for the badge love the shirt,.. If only theres someone can send me those shirt , it will be a big blessing to me I’m from Philippines… BEAUTIFUL. I love the t-shirt Pause GIF. The best my love. Veronica Montoya. You should be booted off Facebook. Please let me post pictures of the craps you sell. I love Selena. But the stuff you sell is garbage. You keep deleting my comment.. undefined. Hugo Ramrez Lopez. Yay. Missing my baby dam girl after all this yrs you still got it. Pause GIF. undefined. Play GIF. Pause GIF. Play GIF. Omg this song. Octavio Nancy Velazquez Nancy girl the memories with this song!. This is lame cant come up with better designs I know selena had tons of ideas in sketchbooks why not take a look an make them a reality. Me too. Samantha Perez tye dye. T-shirt Selena. omg . WALMART.COM Funko POP! Rocks: Selena (Glitter Burgundy Outfit) –

Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster

Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster 3

Never going to forget Selena. She will always be remembered forever.. Mariela Borrego. The hair, the make-up, the looks on everyone’s faces! I so love it!!!! Pictures make the best memories!!!! . Beautiful family and I love her music even though I do not understand Spanish. Like i said before i hope the lady that took Selena away from us ROTS IN HER JAIL CELL ..IT DOESN’T MATTER WE WILL ALWAYS LUV SELENA…..I’M SO GLAD THAT SUZETTE SHARES WITH US WHEN SHE CAN….THANK VERY MUCH SUZETTE…… Mark Porter Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster Love you all to much Selena was so awesome and beautiful lady a great singer and just a good spirits. SELENA HAD A HEART OF GOLD…I USE TO LOVE SEEING HER PERFORM ESPECIALLY HERE IN HOUSTON…..MISSING SELENA ALWAYS… Melissa Earnest Such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing Selena with the world! I am currently majoring in Criminal Justice and I advocate for those wrongfully imprisoned. I opted to take Spanish as an elective course in case I ever need to advocate for someone … See More

Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster

Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster 2

Can’t wait to see Selena la seria whoo I know Christian will do it justice kinda was hoping she’d be all Latina. Labs and never forgotten. She doesn’t look like her in this photo.. I just got thru reading To Selena with love took me 3 dys.but never could put it down . I have that same photo. Forever the queen of tejano!. I have this bottom picture. It came with the movie . Selena tan hermosa ayyyy que diosa tan mas bella la amo mucho bai. undefined. undefined. Love KodaChrome film . one day the earth will be in shambles and the last person on earth will walk up on selenas cd and be saved. When I was stationed in England one of my young sailors from Texas had been in a Mexican dance troupe and said they performed where Selena was performing. She said that Selena took all the girls back to the bus and showed them around. She said she was … See More

Veteran Born To Fight Trained To Kill Prepared To Die Poster 1

Jennifer Lopez is nothing like Selena. Selena will always be our Queen.. Does the actual family support this project? Because why is jlo the “sponsor” of this? She played Selena, we get it. But go away. You’re not Selena. Not watching this jlo was aweful Christina is a horrible actress looks once again looks nothing like selena and her family is being sued! Hahahah. What we’re not going to do is compare Cristian’s portrayal of Selena to JLo’s. They are two different actresses. Jennifer would still be on the block if it weren’t for Selena’s tragic death… Disappointed with the characters look. Selena was and and always will be the best. She’s greatly missed and she’s the reason Jlo is who she is. Sorry but true. There will NEVER be anyone as good as Selena was and still is.. JLo is a talented actress and singer. People love her. She did an excellent portrayal of Selena.

Luis Armando Sánchez
did the website shut down completely? I’ve been wanting to purchase a shirt from there for months now but I see the website it down.
Selena Official
Selena Official. CAN WE GET NEWER IMAGES FROM PAST PHOTOS WHY YALL KEEP USING THE SAME GRAPHIC ON EVERY SHIRT !!. No hot topic in the UK . I’m one of her greatest fans and so was my daughter’s favorite also but she my girl died at age 19 instantly in a car wreck.. Good morning princess happy Thanksgiving to u and families . I was looking for the sweater that said como la flor but it’s not coming up on the list. . Jay Reid I need the long sleeve pink one bae.. Lisa Lutz. Don’t care for the big square images…… Lame we dont want this. Pause GIF. Omg. Robert Montelongo look we should go get some . undefined. Kevin we need to go!

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