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Our love never will be enough to say the «thank you» that you deserve. You are so incredible. Really, thank you for all your love on every song. THEY’RE ART!!! I love you so much, Shawn and thank you so much, Justin, for be here, singing with our king … See More. Seriously, thank you for releasing this song on my birthday. I know that this was already prepared and that it was actually a random date, but in Mexico it was released on the 19th and now I can’t stop listening Their voices combine so well that I alre… See More. My 2 favorite guys finally did a song together! Love it already! . It is an outstanding song! The best I’ve heard in a long time. That’s coming from a middle aged woman. Great work!. absolutely love this song!! cant stop listening to it!!!!!! my two fav singers together!! What could possibly be better! Us army skull angel and devil personalized custom name hoodie

Us army skull angel and devil personalized custom name hoodie

Us army skull angel and devil personalized custom name hoodie- pic 1

Shawn you make me happy. LOVE TIMES 5 MILLIONS!. Then am I the monster?. You’re the best . It is verry nice shawn. Lileth Carl. Why are you so perfect??? . ILOVEYOU FROM PHILIPPINES . You really tripped huh?. Shawn Mendez….don’t know if you will see this or not. My grandson is 10 years old. He is autistic. And he worships you. Last year for Thanksgiving he had to write 3 things he was grateful for. 1: Apple juice. 2. Shawn Mendez. 3. His Mom and Dad. This year he facetimed with me and kept repeating he wants to FaceTime with Shawn Mendez. If you could make this happen you would give this boy a dream come true.. Hello Shawn Mendes your songs are spectacular. Us army skull angel and devil personalized custom name hoodie How can I contact ???? I want you to hear my new song!… See More YOUTUBE.COM Bryan Jimnz x Johangel – Amigos Con Derecho | Video Oficial Bryan Jimnz x Johangel – Amigos Con Derecho | Video Oficial

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Their voices complemented each other very well and I really was fascinated with the song. I’ve listened to the song all day, I love your voice. You’re amazing! . What a great song they have, they are a perfect duo . The song is amazing.The lyrics are wonderful. Love u guys.. I love the collaboration of you and Justin! You both are great performers!! . Great collaboration between Shawn and Justin. Both beautiful. Magnific success.
Pause GIF. It was a nice song. You’ll both song beautiful.. No joke that was the best collaboration. Awesome song I love it! You both are amazing. Shawn Mendes, ur welcome man. This song is absolutely beautiful, so much so that I was crying tears of happiness last night the first time I saw and heard the song. Yours and Justin’s voices blend perfectly together. I luv u more than u will ever know … See More

Sara Manfredi. Kayla Limbrick. The In Wonder documentary inspire me a lot, you’ve made me cry, laugh and do more on the things that i love, all i can say is i stan a perfect artist and i never regret supporting you and saying to all my family, friends and classmates that i am a Mend… See More
Pause GIF. Shawn what do you need to do to appreciate and notice your Polish fan ? I am only a mother, but I care very much about the happiness of my child and her happiness is to be appreciated by you. I know that you are a very famous person but most of all you… See More. It’s truly incredible shawn. I admire your sensitivity and true human beauty and feelings. Your talents go beyond your music and I hope alot of me can realise that they can be true and better.

Love the song and video so much. This song is so dope my vibe and the message behind it is so wonderful…. From yesterday I have listened this song at least 40 times… This song has got the best two voices. You took out a jewel of a song again, I thank you for life. It was really good. Your guys voices together sounded amazing .. My 2 favorite canadian. . Brilliant song. Love it, been listening to it all day. I love the collab. You both are amazing artists. . It’s so good! I loveddddd the song! Can’t stop listening. I love the song, their voices… Wow!. I think I’ve listened to it 86 times today. I’m obsessed. Great job guys!. An incredible song that I love to hear and made by two perfect artist, woow thanks for that!!. Mirna Buendia. I can’t stop listening to this song! Shawn and Justin need to record an album together!

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