You don't stop drumming when you get old poster


Sunia Miqueo. THANK YOU for allowing us a peep behind the scenes! You’re an amazing human being and awesome at what you do. Keep going and doing the absolute most, we’re here to cheer you on!. Love you so much you are the best and so kind hearted can not wait Happy Thanksgiving to you and Camila and your family and also all your furry friends love all your dogs. You truly are an angel . Thanks soooo much, I am literally still trying to get over the documentary. It was absolutely amazing. I adore you!. I saw right now and I love it! You are a humble and kind man. I admire the people who show your feelings and the truly love that feel for family, specially for your mom. Congratulations, you are amazing and very talent artist.. Been fans since the get go, from the very first gig across Sickkids. Knew he would be great! Congratulations and wish you continued success! You don’t stop drumming when you get old poster

You don’t stop drumming when you get old poster

The documentary was amazing and very transparent… Thank you for giving us a little piece of your tour that was a success, which I couldn’t attend but I’m so proud of you.. I can’t wait to watch this. I was at that show! Unfortunately I was going through a very dark time and depression was kicking my ass, and it was hard for me to live in the moment and enjoy what was happening. I am a huge fan, and wish I could have chan… See More. Amazing seeing this brought back the memories and absolutely amazing moments in Turin italy .. can’t wait till we can do it again . Mollie Ingram You don’t stop drumming when you get old poster Ily so much!!!! I have been to your concert in London on the last day of the run tour and you looked at me twice on the stage with the rose on. I don’t know what I would do without your music

You don't stop drumming when you get old poster 2


The documentary was WONDERful. Thanks TO YOU ​​for everything, Shawn. You are an exceptional person. I love you. And thanks for this concert, I meet you there. . Loved your film. I have always like your music but now I love it. You are a true kind hearted Ontario proud kid. So thank you for putting your self so out there for the world to get to know you. God bless. #canadianproud. Thanks for so much … dear shawn. Adrienne Quintana. Christina Mendoza. Amazing songwriter and performer! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better. This documentary was very well done. I don’t do big crowds due to anxiety, so looking very forward to seeing this concert on Netflix!! Love your music, you are ama… See More. I’m so excited for this! I went to 5 shows that tour and I can’t wait to watch the concert video!

Maddie Reid. Shani Chung. Montse Rios. You are the best thing that happened to me . Wills Goswell. Anyway, We can’t wait for Wonder!!! We’re so excited. Can’t wait for that album. Love from Ireland Shawn mendes. Every handsome guys are my future husband.. Can’t wait for the album. My favorite canadian. Lynnsey Spader. Gloria Alvarez. Shawn you are cool and smart I like your song a lot. Loving ur new song monster. Naly Ju’Lin. Good Evening from Ph. Janet Sierra. You are the best thing that happened to me love you. Can’t wait for the new record!!. You’re the best . Concert Shawn Mendes Toronto 2019. Good day sir! I would like to inform you that your order TITAN GEL will arrive today. Please prepare the exact payment. Thank you and enjoy the product.. Why so handsome my love??? I love u iyottttt. On my Birthday . THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

I bet it was phenomenal! I haven’t been able to see you in concert yet, but i’ll get there evntually!. Was at the Rogers Centre show. It was so fun!!! Thank you, Shawn!. Watched it earlier.. was so awesome seeing the behind the scenes! . Me and my friend were actually at that show we had tickets that Christmas. I dream of you in my sleep would you make my dream come true its not nessacery but you are just adorable i love your new single it rings in my ears almost all the time its like you are singing it beside me love you hope camila is doing fine and you … See More. Can’t wait to watch it! Can’t wait for your new music!. Watching it right now. Can’t wait to see you in concert again!. Jacinta Woodhouse. Looking forward to this!! I’ve attended the tour here in PH.

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