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Cecile Stuckey Ferrell Today’s breaking news is that Dronald J. Trump is giving everyone $500 for vote details about paymen. The bottom line from this string is Trump is taking care of our country, no matter what! Would you prefer China in charge? U2 crocs crocband shoes. Has been obvious ever since Biden announced that he didn’t have the stamina to go against you and now Obama’s own doctor is confirming it.

U2 crocs crocband shoes

U2 crocs crocband shoes- pic 1

Look, this guy can’t even keep his teeth in his mouth when barking.is covid out of control…..is it…..because sad as it is 215,000 is far better than where the projections were. I am sorry no person could have done Covid 100% right…so the fact that only 10% have died of the projected 2 million means something went right. Democratic leaders and governors locking us in our house and putting Covid patients in nursing homes…..probably wasn’t the right thing to do. money brings power and energy! I’m sure you remember the opening song to the Celebrity Apprentiss… Money, Money, Money, Money, MONEY… GOT TO HAVE IT! U2 crocs crocband shoes. Of course, he has been on a high most of his life ripping people and companies off. He is your modern day “Scrooge”! Oh yeah, never uses drugs aye?i don’t think he failed…..sorry. When is the left going to hold Governors accountable. States are different….this why they all have their own leader (president per say) so the federal government is nice to have but it is not and should be responsible for everything. Trump did everything in his power to help. He got what he could the problem areas when he could.Cecile Stuckey Ferrell go see him in person so you can catch Covid and have that wonderful immunity like him. It will make you feel powerful according to him lol. I think you should try it and let us know how it work out when you don’t have the best doctors in the world watching you 24/7 and million dollar drug cocktails. Then go share that energy with your older loved ones. So you can see how the of the 214000 dead feel. Since you love his energy so much. It’s not energy it’s called being very irresponsible. technically, Trump is already in China’s pocket thanks to his sweetheart deal over copyrights there, but you believe what you want honey. November 3rd. Better wear a diaper.Ann Beck Ah NY huh? That explains it. Probably think Cuomo is a great Governor and DiBlasio is the bomb.Northern California here voting for Trump! Rallies are awesome this way. I see all the beautiful boat shows and rallies your way too!Tommy Tee-Burd. Need to get some new friends or move out of crazyville. Why do they detest the president?Ask them, and the vast majority will give you some bullshit shallow emotional style and rehtoric response. Yea, he’s not mother Teresa but I vote on policy, substance and results. Liberals and liberalism make me sick. BTW. In 2016 now president Trump got almost 40% of the vote in San Diego county. Don’t think everyone detest him.

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