Dont worry the next four years we will return the same hospitality that you gave the current administration.. The great thing is they are crying so loud and all Trump is doing is going about his legal avenues to contest the results. The orange clown cried fraud to ask his dumm supporters for donations Tuxedo Cat Your Butt Napkins My Lord Poster money that will REALLY be use to pay his debts and lawyers to keep him from going to jail Play GIF. He knows he lost that’s why he’s doing nothing about the C19no updates….i.e. ‘let ’em die’….that’s his thought. One church here had their federal food distribution cut off right after the election…a let ’em starve mentality too. That’s okay,… . Still more proof with thousands of sworn statements under penalty of perjury in multiple states. That’s more proof than Democrats ever gave on Russian Collusion which CNN pushed for 4 years. By the Way where’s that evidence Adam Schiff promised us? Sti…

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All to folks out there decrying CNN. So why are you here 24/7????. Invoke the 25th amendment he’s not right in his head. Plus I bet he’s hiding something that’s why he won’t concede. So Sad . If you were okay with Fakebook and Twitter fact checking posts, then you should be okay with the Tuxedo Cat Your Butt Napkins My Lord Poster United States fact checking votes.. Shame on you for causing more division in our country. You say, no one is saying don’t do a recount, but you will not just peacefully let that happen. You know what you are doing and you’ll carry that with you forever.. Love CNN. Please stop focusing so much attention on the “petulant child.” Let him sit in the dark and whine. Joe Biden is the president elect. What is he and his chosen group of advisors up to?. this is not new for me ,i come from where presidents can changed democracy into dictatorship,they can changed constitution over and over for theirs own interests, rules for 35 years and nothing happens, i m just surprised that it happened here in US…

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The United States Government should pass laws to ensure that Elections, their implementation and collection and certifying of results be independent and not subject to any political party or person question and interference especially heads of state (S… . Nobody trusts you Fredo. You or your POS brother. The election isn’t over until the electoral college meets on the 15th of December.. Democracy is not a game. Allowing the process to complete, and candidates to leverage potential remedies is essential, just as it was for Gore in 2000.. And moving on! That was so much ______! Biden is going to be President. The rest of you spitting lies and hate will regret what your doing.. First off, Biden is not the president-elect, the votes have not been certified. Second, the Democrats stuffed the ballot box, theres no way in hell that states had 98 or 99% turnout. With Pennsylvania and Michigan not allowing pollwatchers close en… See More

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Trump is meeting with the secretary of state and the Secretary of the Treasury this afternoon . I guess hes trying to find out what countries don’t have extradition and how long it would take to steal a billion dollars from the treasury. No proof” is a far cry from “no fraud”. Sounds more like he’s confident that the fraud was too well hidden than that it doesn’t exist.. We knew a recount was going to happen no matter wich side they said won.. You’re SUCH A FRAUD. No evidence, eh? I’m hearing about so much evidence, it will make your head spin. IT WILL COME OUT. AND WHEN IT DOES, I HOPE YOUR FOLLOWERS WILL FINALLY UNDERSTAND YOU’VE BEEN LYING TO THEM THE ENTIRE TIME. CHRIS IN THIS PIECE YOU MENTIONED ALL THE LEADERS WHO DID NOT CONGRATULATE PRESIDENT ELECT JOE BIDEN THE WINNER ARE FROM COMMUNIST COUNTRIES. I BELIEVE THAT 45 ALONG WITH THE COWARDS IN SENATE SEATS MANY OF WHOM WOULD LIKE TO TURN OUR DEMOCRACY …

US citizens unite in a class actions against Trump and those who dont speak up.!!! 240000 deads, how much more do you want. Mass killings by a few that should be kept responsible.. Will we know for sure that there’s no proof ? No one is really saying anything !!! No I don’t support the president but I just want to know the Real truth , not cnn truth or fox truth but the only truth . So help me God . There was no proof of collusion with the Russians eitherdidn’t stop the lamestream media from propagating it for 3 years tho did it? CNN is such a joke…. Fraudulent election? I guess that means all the elected GOP senators and congress persons have also been fraudulently elected! How are they accepting this reasoning?. Winston Churchill said A lie travels halfway around the world before the truth can even get its pants on.

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