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We love your Dad! He has done amazing work! He will go down in History as the President that fought hard for all americans! Best wishes to all of you.. Never has been and never will be a harder working and more dedicated FIRST DAUGHTER. Thank you Ivanka Trump & Jared for your tireless public service.. MRS. PRESIDENT TRUMP. Thanks for all your hard work! You ROCK!!. Cindy Trapnell. You and family the best. Praying for you all and what Democrats put you and family through. Becky Rowe Tuxedo Cat lover 3D all over print hoodie and legging We will be so happy to have you for another four years. You will. Your Father has done so much for our Country – may God Bless you and the entire family. Thank you for these updates – it really shows the tremendous effort you put forth AND THE SUCCESS of the entire Administration!. After witnessing how liberals bashed your Dad day in and out for over 4 years, I will NEVER forgive a liberal administration (past, present and future).

Tuxedo Cat lover 3D all over print hoodie and legging

What are all of Us Trump Supporters that have been Ride or Die supposed to do now? Is the POTUS giving up all hope or is there something going down on the next 3 days . Thank you so much Author Leader MRS, Ivanka Trump ALWAYS BE PLATFORM too Keep our students Americans Exactly Together Building New future’s and Too Much Prosperities and educational Positives best providing at experiences skills there ALWAYS Be great … See More. Ivanka, great idea to re-publicize your and your dad’s accomplishments on Facebook and other media that has shut him out for now. Keep it up!. Shannon Taylor Schell. So sad that we have pivoted into a new direction with the new administration. We had a great leader these past 4 years that stayed true to our values. I’m saddened for us all st what these next 4 yrs will bring.. Thank You for all the hard work!!! Tuxedo Cat lover 3D all over print hoodie and legging

Tuxedo Cat lover 3D all over print hoodie and legging

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