Lol and yet Hillary Clinton walks around free. Him? No what ever made them suspect hed be involved with anything illegal like that.. All of the central figures in this documentary are nuts and should be locked up. But the irony of the the whole thing is the tigers were locked up and suffering the whole time.. Shock, horror!!! . Ah CNN? You actually had a valid lions and tigers and bears” gimme and you deliberately ordered the lions after the tigers and bears.. Carole next for the trifecta . Why do Trumpsters turn absolutely EVERYTHING to Hillary Clinton!?!?!? It’s hilarious. just like Fox news…. either talking about Hillary or Russia! . Please get rid of Carol Baskin and the rest…can’t stand any of them. They are all crooks.. I’ll believe it once the case is done . Good name? Your kidding!. We knew this when we saw the series…. whose surprised here? Totoro crocs crocband shoes

Totoro crocs crocband shoes

Totoro crocs crocband shoes- pic 1

No way. It stays in your system for up to a few monthsso he should still have a positive result IF HE HAD IT. I know this personally from 3 co-workers who had Covid.. Your heads are exploding since our President has had a remarkable recovery! Its his winning constitution and attitude that will lead us into another 4 MORE YEARS” #TRUMP2020. He could show 50 negative tests and y’all would still be casting doubt. . his doctors announced it 3 days ago but the left is now demanding papers. He will kill everyone who comes in contact with him. This man has no common sense nor moral value. The only value is in money that he knows……… its political tactics try to win without asking for votes but making people feel sympathy for him so he saves fund that he may have to use for his political rallies. Good enough to have rallies, but not debates.Him with the virus was nothing but a lie. Vote blue Totoro crocs crocband shoes Pause GIF

Totoro crocs crocband shoes

Highly unlikely that he tested negative this soon. Unless he never had the virus.. anyone that ALLOWS him to speak should be held accountable for anyone that contracts this virus while attending his SPEWFEST.. What evidence?. the man has no ethics, no scruples, and no values. hes unworthy of the office he holds, and I refuse to utter his name.. If I were Dr. Fauci, I would do a commercial endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Maybe it’s time for the good Dr. Fauci to pick a political side. This would be hilarious to watch how trump would handle it.. I’m beginning to think that as well. Now he can profit from the miracle drug in which he reportedly owns stock as well as garner sympathy & admiration for overcoming his non-existent illness.. It’ll be interesting to see how long he makes it during his first rally before breaking into a coughing fit

It is mind-boggling to me, how so many are conned by a con man?!?!. Move aside Dumpster on fire
coming through!
Play GIF
GIPHY. According to the CDC, he shouldnt have to get tested again. Stop making news where there isn’t any. Geesh, don’t you guys have any integrity left?. The most irresponsible president in American history and all those Trump supporters who will attend are just as irresponsible. Vote the incompetency out so we can get the virus under control and eradicated!. Yet others in his circle were also tested postive and nobody asked for evidence. He gets better and is cleared by a physician as others probably have too.. Unlike taxes, medical history is confidential. He doesn’t have to show anything. . Trump is hiding his test results like he’s hiding his tax returns.. By law, he doesn’t have to show anything. His doctors don’t have to give statements, or reports. It’s that great American thing, we all have, called doctor/patient privilege.

Too little too late..
Typically Trump, guess hell claim its unfair now.. He had his chance and passed on and complained. His own fault if one doesn’t happen.. the orange menace is grasping at straws. Joe’s going back to hide in the basement, no surprise there! He’s mentally weak and getting worse, #Trump2020. No debates are needed….waste of time and money. Because his campaign realizes that his backing out of the debate simply because it was virtual makes him look like the coward he is . Biden will only get his corruption and flip flopping exposed. His team knows this.. That ship has sailed. Plus is he testing negative? We will never know…. maybe he should of considered that this is how things will end up if and when he acted infantile. After he failed to get tested before the first debate because he was late and then tested positive less than 2 days later…. who would want to debate with him? No sane person that’s for sure. My vote is for the sane person

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