To Wife We're A Team Whatever U Lack Custom Name Poster


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Happy Thanksgiving. I supported you through all of the criticism that you received. You could have supported President Trump at key times, instead you chose sour grapes over words said during a campaign against poor Jeb. You need to admit President T… See More. Enjoy it while you can because it won’t be this way for long since the Democrats that your family backed will destroy it. And thank you for endorsing Biden and the ruination of our freedoms. Thanks again.. Are you Thankful for this country? Actions don’t seem to say so … what a disappointment your family has become. No comment from you or your husband for four years now democrat in power and you have to start commenting. Happy Thanksgiving to you and President Bush—soooo thankful for you both!!. So thankful The Kraken has been released and y’all’s evil will be exposed! A glorious thanksgiving indeed. I really loved the W Bush family until you failed our country by your silence over Obama, silence over Clinton crimes, hugging the Michelle who isn’t proud of our country, and your failure to know President Trump loves America and far outpaces your da… See More To Wife We’re A Team Whatever U Lack Custom Name Poster

To Wife We’re A Team Whatever U Lack Custom Name Poster

Beautiful kitties! Happy New Year to them and the humans they rule! . I sure wish you and your wonderful husband a happy new year. I had the pleasure of meeting President Bush in Tucson, my son was in Iraq at the time with the US Marines. What a great man, I talked to his SS guys and they were awesome. Thank you both for… See More. They are adorable I don’t know if you remember my daughter Linda Darabaris used to send you a birthday card every year she was gone 15 years ago last month she loved and admired you and thought you were very pretty. And I will always appreciate your k… See More. Wishing a Very Happy & Healthy New Year to Bob, Bernadette and their humans!. So cute….I have two just like these, Freddie and Annie. Happy New Year!. Awww! How sweet…Thank you, Laura Bush, for the new year wishes, and we hope you and yours will have a Blessed one! To Wife We’re A Team Whatever U Lack Custom Name Poster

To Wife We’re A Team Whatever U Lack Custom Name Poster

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