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The hardest question ever! I would have to choose from each album. From Up All Night, it would have to be Gotta Be You, from Take Me Home, that’s really hard, I Would, She’s Not Afraid, and Magic. From Midnight Memories, it would be Does He Know, Diana, and You & I, from Four, I would choose Stockholm Syndrome and Act My Age. Finally from Made in the AM, I would choose Perfect, Wolves, and History.. I love harry with Skinny jeans Chelsea boots and long hair it’s suit with him. I love you guys and my favourite song one direction story of my life. Fireproof, Fool’s Gold, If I Cloud Fly, Once In A Lifetime, You & I, Irresistible, Happily, Strong, Better Than Words, Through The Dark, Truly Madly Deeply, Home, Story Of My Life, Steal My Girl, Little Things, Moments, Night Changes, Summer Love … and the list can continue To my farrier personalized custom name mug

To my farrier personalized custom name mug

To my farrier personalized custom name mug 2

I Want, Summer Love, It’s Gotta Be You, Same Mistakes, Best Song Ever, and They Don’t Know About Us. They’re all soooo good!. Best song ever, steal my girl, what makes you beautiful, little things,story of my life, history,they don’t know about us,live while we’re young,we’re only getting older baby, kiss you and perfect . 18, LITTLE THINGS, SUMMER LOVE, MORE THAN THIS, YOU AND I, BEST SONG EVER, RIGHT NOW, HISTORY. best song ever, live while were young, one thing, summer love, better than words, up all night, steal my girl, drag me down, night changes, kiss you, strong, history, gotta be you, diana and irresistible . I really love all the songs but truly madly deeply, Olivia, fireproof, does he know, happily, I want, I wish, walking in the wind and love you good bye have a special vibe . No control / Best song ever / You and I / Little Things and all One Direction songs To my farrier personalized custom name mug

To my farrier personalized custom name mug

To my farrier personalized custom name mug 1

My favorite is You, I mean One Direction. And why the hell are you still active ? I mean I definitely love it but it’s scaring me . My favorite song on one Direction…
Beautiful. what makes you beautiful, live while we’re young, where do broken hearts go, one thing, drag me down, best song ever :>. Ready to clown,best clown ever,clown my girl,clown changes,clown syndrome,clown memories,everything about clown,clown all night,story of my clown,this all my favorite songs . History, live while we’re young, kiss you, best song, Little Things, drag me down, story of my life, one thing, Up all night, what makes you beautiful. They are my 10 favorite songs from 1D my stress reliever
those music has a lot of meaning to me . One Direction should reunite and make new music together. My favorite song from 1D is “what makes you beautiful”, I graduated from high school with this song!

Little things, night changes, one thing, live while we’re young, steal my girl, through the dark, midnight memories and best song ever.. History, little things, live while where young, infinity, diana, one thing, over again, happily, more than this, irresitable, one way or another, perfect, story of my life. All of one direction song!!. It depends on which mood I’m in, but Drag Me Down, Story of My Life, Little Things, One Thing, 18, Happily, Strong, Right Now, Where Do Broken Hearts Go and What a Feeling would be my top 10 songs!. Each and every songs of One Direction are my favourite �. So horrendous to decide which 1D song is my favourite. But I would say “Little things” . end of the day, walking in the wind, right now, live while we’re young, infinity, history, kiss you, happily, magic, back for you, basically every song on every album.

What makes you beautiful, one thing, little things, best song ever, everything abot you, last first kiss, taken, they don’t know about us, I wish, up all night, another world…. actually all 1D songs are my fave . I wish you would change it to zayn as well he was apart of it and he is one direction! Love you boys to pieces! . Ouh la la ! One song ??? It’s impossible! I said : More than this / WMYB / Little things / Rock Me / They don’t know about us / Last first kiss / Best song ever / No control/ moments/ over again / live while we’re young / story of my life / strong / don’t forget where you belong / better than words/ perfect / steal my girl / end of the day / if I could fly / never enough / history and infinity
miss you guys and I love you so much

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