To my dear son in law i didn't give you mug


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We are going to the movies you have a chance can go to do that but you can call me you can email me. FT Samini. proud brother here. You Are My Best Musician. Many people they know that we have not choosing to dai bt it’s possible for each person u with me we have to hard work for any things your fun they like u bro plese be carefully cs we love your product. I like you, and i am your big fan because you are one of the best singer in the world.. Him and Snoop hungout so much he slightly remind like Snoop Dogg remember the movie Slow burn wha mistikal voice acting. Buy tickets to watch on tv?. Looks like predator unmask hahaha. Yushiki Takahashi. In one second i thought it was hulk To my dear son in law i didn’t give you mug

To my dear son in law i didn’t give you mug

To my dear son in law i didn't give you mug 1

I love song rap song best . Apprixiate wz u made Tanzanian 2 enjoy with good music. Wiz, your body look green from all that gas now . We love you Wiz, although your music goes hard on mute.. This is how you should smoke weed.. My all time favorite you wiz. Proud brother here. “THE REAL STORY OF TITANIC”. Pengeng ticket lods.. I I’m always playing your songs wizkhalifa I love u and I I’m proud with you khalifa. Latif Masud. Tammy Jean Long. Welove your Music we play it in our church in mexico. You fell off ! Money changes people though! I mean you did this for money Nd you succeed big time.. you are always the best. My friday night is based on eating tapioca bro, fckn delicious friday. Saleh PRsont. Wiz was my childhood bestfriend before she’s so pretty, kind, and brilliant. But she forgot me. Btw I’m her lost pet. To my dear son in law i didn’t give you mug

To my dear son in law i didn’t give you mug

To my dear son in law i didn't give you mug 2

I bet Wiz lookin forward to this even more than the fans! Nothin like performin live . Hello Wiz Khalifa almost all my strength has been exhausted, it is very difficult for people who do not know you to support you, I have prepared for many years studying in schools to improve and make content that transmits emotions. Apparently not eno… See More
Bryan Jimnz x Johangel – Amigos Con Derecho | Video Oficial
Bryan Jimnz x Johangel – Amigos Con Derecho | Video Oficial. you are always the best. I love your music man
I smoke stick green every day focus on my music “even my family we know that . The star of the Pittsburg men. We love you in KwaZulu natal . When Wiz Khalifa visit your house. “You’re the guest. I Quite my job to focus on your music… Ivory coast
your fan. Tammy Jean Long
I so cannot wait to make sweet love to u

To my dear son in law i didn't give you mug 3

Boy I been jammin the kid Frankie you the truth my boy you in my top 3 you Andre 3000 and Wayne. Khristoff Juan
The Greatest Hip Hop Artist Of All Time – Wiz Khalifa. I swear the way I planned my life, i’d have prolly been ona feature with u by now but fuxit happened. He killed this song dawg wiz is true talent bro he changed that song and made it a hit . Wiz you’ve always been my dog and I appreciate you doing a mix with ytiet but you should’ve had him in the video. You can change ones life. This song is fucking perfect 5out5 . Don’t like that scratchy voice . Mo Diogo Jalloh. 49 hit diffrent now wit wiz on it . I’ve been bumping this on LiveMixtapes all November. My kids were laughing at the Ytiet loop. Your humor transcends generations . Very nice

Keep on making good music facts. the guy is too Best
Play GIF. Roll it bro…and “Pass Me the Pushing Pen” between my two fingers . Haha the background singer is that one dude that sings them numbers . Wiz you my nigga but that goofy ass numbers beats hell naw homie you got jokes. Wiz Khalifa let’s do this in Dubai …my studio ..don’t worry about set and setting . Gotta put Larry June on the remix #numbers. grate performance by two excellent singer very proud they are Canadian’s. Katulwende Francis. Love that wiz always coming through!!. He ran laps around dat beat . Song is fire . I wish all my niggas got a whole lot connections..that line…love you my king. Joe Sodders. So he ain’t got my mans Ytiet in the vid, Hope he got a check. He sure could use it.. I knew somebody was going to grab Lil numbers up idk his name but he leveled up

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