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It’s good been in a hard core where coz it’s brings more of one beauty. Babe, u need to b pamper believed it.. She is so beautiful love the boots too!. Those holes in the pants. I can buy you new pants if you don’t have enough money. Love them!. Sooo there are shoes in these pictures?! . Going for that Mariah Carey Dreamlover look? That’s why she doesn’t know you! . Mountain look, but you’re beautiful with everything! I adore you. You see, Jenny… autumn is a beautiful season! But you are beautiful during every season!. You are beautiful but you like same one who is 25 years old….. I use to love Jenny from the block, but endorsing Biden makes you just like the rest of Hollywood, I won’t follow anything you or your family does ever again. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.

To my daughter mom you are my sunshine mug

To my daughter mom you are my sunshine mug 3

Cheryl Ann. You are a wonderful woman! You always find time for your children. You can see on their faces how happy they are. . They are normal human beings. Nice pics with family.. I don’t know how you do it, you are an amazing woman. you are so beautiful and your kids are adorable, getting so big.. You look Beautiful in all Settings, – sunrise, sunset!. One of the most beautiful Woman in the world with good heart!. M’y best female musician and great mum at same time . Looking great with orange, orange sunset and orange pumpkins. Your so lucky to have children that’s all I ever wanted and they’re beautiful.. That’s right boo! Enjoy your life with great family and friends.. Mariah Carey “CONFIRMS” references Jennifer Lopez as the Sabatoge “Female Entertainer” in her new Memoir! FITNESS YOU DON’T STOP LIFTING WHEN YOU GET OLD POSTER Play GIF. I love the fact that this picture brings them down to earth…normal human beings

To my daughter mom you are my sunshine mug

To my daughter mom you are my sunshine mug 2

Hey Lovely J Lo that looks delicious but sorry to say I’m on food stamps so that sweet nectar will never pass my lips I would gladly wash and wax one of your automobiles in exchange for what is a tremendous product if your standing beside it Thank You. I remember JLo said in more than 1 interview that she does drink coffee…
Pause GIF. But you don’t drink coffee!. I thought she doesn’t drink coffee ???. This coffee helps me with my short term memory. Helps me with my job. I also have narcolepsy. I drink this coffee instead of taking meds. This stuff is awesome! Love u Jennifer.. Hello Jennifer lopez would like to drink coffee in the morning. You are sure you will like very much to meet me only very beautiful man I am sure many cool ok a kiss joao paulo bezerra carneiro. Patricia Colbaugh. She has so much money why lie to make more?! I’ll tell you- the love of Money is evil.

To my daughter mom you are my sunshine mug 1

Lovely family eres el ejemplo Boricua and we are proud of everything you have accomplished and more to come … Jlo is a time traveler. she hasn’t aged in like 30 years. You are a wonderful woman, in one of your moves it felt like I wand in it with you, you have a wonderful about you!. Surrounding yourself with family warmth also makes you grow like the extraordinary human being that you are. . Amazing pictures & looks like a beautiful day.. So donw to eart what a lovely family.your the best!. Always beautiful! I saw you at the opening of the World Cup here in Brazil in 2014. I love it !!!. I love the face that you are a busy women, and very productive, and have time for fitness. And yet still have quality with your blended family.beautifuland truly inspiring. I would love to workout with you. Maybe some day.

It does take a little more energy with coffee and sometimes Redbull for long distance driving,. Am always excited each time I listened to that track am into you. Jennifer doesn’t drink coffee, she just got paid . I thought she said she don’t use coffee in 1of her interview because it’s not good for her skin . You are so beautiful and so talented and Who ever has you in his life is the luckiest man in the world I love your movies I love watching you on different reality shows you’re an amazing lady Scott Leopold. Why are you always beautiful ?. We love you here in South Africa. And by the way it’s 18h34 in the evening and I’m having my coffee too. It is only advertising the product. JLO has repeatedly said that it does not drink coffee, because it affects the skin.. Carmen Mejil. If they can have that Coffee in Canada I’d love to try it. Hopefully it’ll be available in Canada one day.

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