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Josh MichaelThis post is literally about conservation. It has nothing to do with the election what so ever. Chill out on the insults. It’s not a good look.34 . Boz BoswellI suggest little Joe ride in a police car a few times and see how hard their job is!!17 . Denise Kohler RegerBye Laura, use to love you guys but looks like you’re buddies with Clintons and turned your back on our president. We all supported your husband and never turned away.147 . Angela RodriguesI thought Laura Bush was a great 1st Lady…so disappointed by that families betrayal….I just dont get it! Were are thier true ethics?39 . Barbara MabryI was a big supporter! Now no use for them at all!!47 . Bonnie D MeenenI have always respected the Bushes. They believe in America and love America. Not one living president supports the current administration. Think about that. I have always been a Republican but the party’s leader has been allowed to change it and do wh… See More32  Tiger Jiu Jitsu Better Than Yesterday Poster

OFFICIAL Tiger Jiu Jitsu Better Than Yesterday Poster

Darrell LePardWhy dont you speak up for our country58 . Lynn Janssen Van BrocklinHappy Birthday President Bush! I wish you were still in office. 50 . Linda McDonaldGuilt makes you look older than 74…..38 . Darlene Tolbert-OathoutWonderful Family but values have changed for the bad if they plan to support Biden. That would be horrific to say the least.18 . Shirley Carruth McGoughDisappointed in what I’m hearing Always admired you until now but do wish you a happy birthday. 418 . Helen Louise LynnI didn’t know you would morph into a political turncoat. 85 . Carmen WilsonSupport “45”! He LOVES AMERICA AND IS FIGHTING FOR OUR COUNTRY! There’s a lot of disappointed people that voted for you. We thought you loved our Country! 118 . Bob TriolaWhat happened to you George?65 . Dave CerioHappy Trump2020 birthday to you. To bad you sold out! You ruined your legacy to appease to a bunch of people who still hate you.78  Tiger Jiu Jitsu Better Than Yesterday Poster

Tiger Jiu Jitsu Better Than Yesterday Poster

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