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Dave ClarkeAnyone just here to see the tin foil brigade embarrassing themselves? 29 . Jean BangGOD in heaven will judge you and your wife, if in conscience you know well that you are behind all this death, you will pay for soon. I trust in GOD we fight for the oppressed.104 . Peter Blixt-KullanderWe love because God first loved us. If we say we love God, but hate others, we are liars. For we cannot love God, whom we have not seen, if we do not love others, whom we have seen.
1 John 4:19‭-‬2036 . Johnny GoldenboyMr.Gates,i know that we are too many people on this planet and im agree with you,but if you want depopulation of this planet,why don’t you start with your own family!!32 . Charles BallI hope that also. But, I am very doubtful. This passed year has shown me how selfish and self-righteous many people actually are. I fear that attitudes will not change until there is a real, highly deadly, pandemic that sweeps the world. Something … See More33  Three Pine Tree Coir Doormat

Three Pine Tree Coir Doormat

Rohan MandloiEvery Change Is Not Suitable For World We Have to Choose Good Changes ,Not Bad… Technology Always Change Human Life For His Betterment, But Some People are Use Technology in Bad Things …..26 . Marcus R JohnsonRohan Mandloi perfect thinking  . Beth DeweyRohan Mandloi I agree. Bills opinions aren’t necessarily honorable opinions. The fact that he can pay to forward dishonorable opinions is diabolical.1 . Bvd SlaRohan Mandloi  . S MohanYes sirI have brought a great change in my subject. Who listens …sir. … See More11 . أوسكار غونزاليس أوسكار غونزاليسYou do not love anyone, much less appreciate humanity, your feelings are the love of riches, for you the right thing is that there are too many poor people on this planet, we know too well, their supposed good intentions65 . Bob LenioIs there anyone in your group of donations they would like to donate between five and $10,000 for a bionic hero arm for my son who lost his left arm in a car accident in July16  Three Pine Tree Coir Doormat

Three Pine Tree Coir Doormat

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