The Wizard of Oz ugly christmas sweater and jumper


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Shawn, i love your song and your voice is so amazing and sweet. Love his voice, love this song. I love . Emerald-Raine Charles. That was awesome i loved it !!!!¡. We love your music here in Kenya. We even play it in church during prayer and worship. Shawn Mendes love this song. His songs are phenomenal he such a great songwriter never mind his guitar playing that’s off the charts Love your music to the moon and back. . ) Shawn Mendez….don’t know if you will see this or not. My grandson is 10 years old. He is autistic. And he worships you. Last year for Thanksgiving he had to write 3 things he was grateful for. 1: Apple juice. 2. Shawn Mendez. 3. His Mom … See More. The award belongs to you Shawn. You really deserve that! Your performance yesterday was fantastic. Two thumbs up ! The Wizard of Oz ugly christmas sweater and jumper

The Wizard of Oz ugly christmas sweater

The Wizard of Oz ugly christmas sweater- pic 1

Ruth Schreiber. Shawn Mendes love this song. You have a great voice great performer love your . Love you shawn Mendes all your songs are great !. Agreed, LOVED this song. Your voice is absolutely perfect. You have a real talent and should be so proud of yourself.. Love your beautiful voice and your music Shawn Mendes! . Love this. Shawn, you are such a talent, and I enjoy your music very much.. Marisol Berrones. Love your voice and music! It always brings a smile to my face!. Love love love this!!!!! Thank you for being a light in this dark world . Georgia Paraskeuopoulou. I totally believe that you are the best artist in music industry are a true talent, always working on yourself and your songs can make anyone’s day. Good luck all the way from Egypt. Good music and an amazing voice. Your voice literally gives me goosebumps so much talent in so many ways! Always keep shining Shawn your a very positive role model for so many of us!! The Wizard of Oz ugly christmas sweater and jumper

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The Wizard of Oz ugly christmas sweater and jumper- pic 2

Maria De Guadalupe Baez Rocha. True talent. There are very few artists that have a voice like this. Flawless and real.. Your voice is so beautiful gossh! I love it!. I love all your songs but there are more and there are even some with which I identify and help me overcome my anti-aging and personal problems . The voice that is beautiful and I love so much . Absolutely wonderful and amazing beautiful guy and beautiful wonderful amazing voice Shawn Mendes. Alvy Khan. Shawn you can change your vocal Soo.. Easily. And I love that. That’s why I am a fan of yours. You’re amazing, really amazing
Pause GIF. Your songs are really good with deep and inspiring lyrics and I find it very comforting to hear them, thank you for sharing them.. i cant get this song out of my head its been in it since this song came out

I took my daughter to your show in Los Angeles July 5, 2019 at the Staples Center. There was an earthquake while we were waiting for the show to begin. Our seats were next to your second stage with the giant rose which was swaying. I wanted to vacate b… See More. Kimberly Smith. Emilia Fałowska. Watched it twice. The new songs must be on the new album. They were beautiful.. I love you Shawn Mendes … I love your music, they are my favorites, I feel that I identify with them. oh my God, I cried with your In Wonder documentary I loved it I wouldn’t miss it on its premiere day on Netflix … Camila cabello without a doubt t… See More. I’ve watched it twice in one day. I loved it all, the new songs and everything about it. I teared up when you started crying about having to cancel your concert, it must have been very overwhelming to choose. But I’m glad you chose to take a break and … See More

Bravo to these two Canadian guys. And a bravo to The Weekend also a Scarborough guy . Love u. I’m actually listening to the audio right now…. SHAWN MENDES I LOVE YOUR HEIGHT,
I LOVE MONSTER FT JB,. Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes best collab. You’re the reason why I’m still practicing my vocal even lots of people pulling me down . Αθανασία Παπακώστα
Amazing collaboration!. The song is the best so keep on streaming guys!!. Shawn Mendez is the best, moster. Totally in love with you guys . I wish I could talk to you even for a second . Gorgeus song, ily two . My two favourite Canadians . Person Untitled. It’s the best collaboration . Love this song
. Nadia Nadia
You are a really amazing. There is no more perfect than You . 陈俊颖. yeah my fav singers finally. You both deserved where you are right now

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