They will blame Trump for this The Wizard of Oz christmas sweater Cmon MAN. It so awesome of a reply but it depends on wife reaction. Joe Biden can’t even contain covid among his small staff and he says he will protect 350 million ?? Biden is a total disaster. How can CNN blame Trump for this? They do everything else. Also, if this is a world wide pandemic, how has Trump failed in the U.S.? After all, Trump shutdown flights from China when Biden called it hysteria and xenophobic.. People this is HUGE! People MUST see this information! Bevan Cooney, ex-business associate of Hunter Biden, has given UNFETTERED access to his OWN email account in which there is a TROVE of emails detailing the Bidens’ corruption. The article. -VJ h… Exclusive — ‘This is China, Inc.’: Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Associates Helped Communist-Aligned Chinese Elites Secure White House Meetings. Will blacks be fooled and vote democrat again this election?

The Wizard of Oz christmas sweater

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Good old fear-peddling CNN at its finest. We will be constrained by this disease for years because of you.. CNN why are you COVERING UP The FACT that the FBI has Hunter Bidens hard drive and e-mails on Million dollar Ukraine corruption and child phonography !!!!!!. Bet Hunter has his sticky fingers in that pie to. The Wizard of Oz christmas sweater C’mon MAN. Resmidiver works CNN.. it saved Trump whose in his 70’s. Stop scaring people. This is a question for Democrats. Without the media (local and national) do you think by Joe Biden’s leftist policies on his campaign page on abortion, guns, illegal immigrants, anti religious freedom, do you think he actually would be ahead in polls. … . Hunter Bidens computer when to the AZ FBI! Not the Delaware FBI. Then he went to RudyGiuliani. There are 20 different vaccines. Numerous antibodies. Coming very soon. November 4th the economy opens and the meds will be released.

The Wizard of Oz christmas sweater

The Wizard of Oz christmas sweater- pic 2

The issues in Germany are simplified and partly false. Our biggest obstacle is federalism. The government could pass a law, but they don‘t do it. Instead, the federal states do their own thing and first ministers have conferences with the government bu… . Not all the countries were doing everything right; where do you get that? Sweden for example was doing nothing right and they’re doing very horribly. Meanwhile South Korea or North, I forget which, is doing very well.. If people would listen, they could definitely stop the spread period put on a mask, wash your nasty hands, and keep gatherings to small numbers. its shocking how many people don’t really want to spend time with their own family . They would rather go … See More. The people everywhere realize the risks of covid at this point. The leaders work for the people. Let people decide how to react to this virus instead of these ridiculous lockdowns.

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I guess we will have to see those photos of refrigerator trucks serving as temporary morgues and overflowing ICUs before people get it through their heads that this is worse than the flu and there is no underlying world-wide conspiracy inflating the nu… . Why wont CNN report on the money Hunter was holding for Joe Biden, that China gave him. The FBI knew about it a year ago but held it from Congress. You people do know you are being lied to by CNN not report this news. Right?. all are suffering ..specially daily wager / working middle class not rich/politicians!!! no one has dared to take action against china IF it really leaked from there . They say the uk but not in Scotland were following the rules. Huh go figure… Lockdown Fatigue” is a THING. As I and many others predicted.. The EU is run by the cabal and thus a farce. Disband the corrupt (((EU))) and this will no longer be an issue.

What is it that taught New Zealanders to find success to control the spread of this virus, while so much or the free world cant?! LEADERSHIP! An essential ingredient!. Stop fearing CORONA VIRUS. The Artillery, Machineries you have been Manufacturing and training over all the years for World War III where are they. Disinfect the whole Universe using the Aircrafts, Drones, Instead of trading Ammunitions fight this Coro… . Ok listen we are done with your FEAR TACTICS AND No the country will NEVER SHUT DOWN AGAIN you fooled us once but you won’t fool us again!. Second wave engulfs the continent”! Bravo, scaremongers! Stop spreading fear! Listen to the common sense – we had bad flu seasons before and we survived restrictions!. Europe is headed for an unmitigated disaster proving that running from this virus is for fools. You protect the elderly and vulnerable, you don’t shut down markets when most people don’t get sick at all or only show flu like symptoms.

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