The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater


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you really are amazing liam we don’t deserve you thank you for everything you give us i love you. I would give you all the stars, but being honest you already shine more than them. You are a wonderful human being, I love you . Sofia Padilla The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater You look handsome Liam . I really like him in one direction, but I try to appreciate if they all choose solo careers.. I am very happy that you always participate in activities for charity. One of the most beautiful people in the world. I LOVE YOU LIAM, AND I MISS YOU WHEN YOU WITH ONE DIRECTION:(. he looks so cute, he has a giant heart . Liam, do you know what is happening here in Armenia . I LOVE YOU MORE THAN Yesterday, I LOVE YOU EVERY SECOND, EVERY HOUR LIAM PAYNE. This is so cute hahahah love you Liam. I love the mustache, what nice hahaha

The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater

The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater 1

Can’t wait to play it on Christmas. You guys are saving this 2020 Individually…. Y’all are awesome..But why don’t you just collaborate and do it together… Too early for Christmas , never too early for a new single from you PAyno. I can’t wait to listen that song!!!. Can’t wait … it’s never too soon for new music. Ellie Marshall The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater Dixie Damelio is in it . genuine question since i don’t keep up with him as much as i used to, when’s the last time he released a song or album?. What about Chanukah and Kwanzaa? Inclusion please. Why isn’t Dixie getting any credit? She’s in the song too . is it early Christmas gift Liam?. This song reminds me to the little boy who want to punch santa till his beard off. Candice Brown. Melli Silvennoinen. Leydy QC. Paulina Sainos. is this a song?. Karleen Gatapia. Rebecca Bullard. I’m your fan since ten years ago. And still being your fan till the world end, Liam.

The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater

The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater 3

Nusa Shaheen
Aww you look so good (as always) it’s strange but in a cool way, i love it . You’re look so cute and handsome. You’re so cute. I love you and I love you too much and every day more and more if it is possible to love someone so much, I love you so much that it consumes me, let me adore you, you are so small, you will always be our baby, no matter how much you grow up, okay? We… See More. You are a One Direction song, or why are you so precious?. I’m in love whit You, and all your little things . and that handsome?. Anita Trisha Bondoc. Those mustache will be my new obsession. Eating a pomegranate whilst doing it. How beautiful you look with your little mustache. We love you very much and thank you for the recommendation bb. So precious, I admire your talent and your humanity.

The grinch christmas jumper and ugly sweater 2

Yes ,New Music.
I love you Liam. . A other Christmas song by this guy oh my god literally can’t wait until Friday all I know it’s going to be amazing for the holidays. I can’t wait for listen that amazing song liammm, I know that this song is soooo amazing!!. I love you Liam Payne for you I want to go to school . They better play your music over the radio during the holiday season. Can’t wait! Love you Liam. I´m so happy to hear that Liam. I´ve heard just the part on TikTok and it sounds incredible! So excited for Friday . We will hear the beautiful voice of this king in new music, I CAN’T WAIT!. Hi Liam Payne. I have done just that. Can’t wait for it. Sounds so good. Will be on my playlist.. Thank you for the new, now I will listen the full album and after I will make a album cover

I wish I could watch it
i don’t have any money but I know that show will be amazing!. You look amazing Liam!! but I don’t have money to Pay for it haha it’s very sad . Love you . You represent the whole fandom. Happy clowning . He really love directioners, he even dressed up like us!. When will you come to Mozambique ?. Abygail Saavedra
We love you, Liam. . Love you Liam but thank you for dressing up as a clown that reminds of the whole fandom right now yet WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SCARE ME LIKE THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT . Hannah Eckman
happy Halloween
@ Liam Payne and you are amazing and perfect . Even with the make up you’re too cute to be scary. Can’t wait for the 31st! Clowns scare me so I did jump! No matter what you are still cute!!

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