Tennis It's not about being better than someone else poster and canvas


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Always the violence, which is American as apple pie. Their pride goeth before the fall. Never forget the genocide against the Indigenous Americans as you eat your pie and killed turkey during the covid19 virus pandemic. Wear a mask.. When they get sick and perhaps die…. well bye bye…. I’ve resisted in posting the negative side of this holiday, and give respect to what it means for families that use this time to gather. We; as blacks have used all the holidays for a family, and friends gathering in spite of the significance of us not… See More. Ironic indeed!. They were communists with no concept of private ownership and the liberty it bestows.. Joy Reid YOU are a total disgrace!. So bubba and his zoo will now not just shoot you,they want to poison you too ? What could go wrong ? They will poison themselves.. Greg Rosenberg Tennis It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas Stopping the spread is socialism to them

Tennis It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas

Tennis It's not about being better than someone else poster and canvas 1

Happy Thanksgiving. Joy thank you all you do. We have had a rough year but we will continue to count all our blessings God bless you and your family. And stay healthy . I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I am thankful everyday. The pilgrims weren’t the first Europeans in the lower 48. The Spanish were. What was recognized as America was called Florida which was settled all the way up to the Carolinas and as far west as New Orleans. The first Thanksgiving was in 1565 at a pot … See More. Happy thanksgiving.. That’s why it should be called thanks-killing day. undefined. undefined. Joy reid is telling that the people that are telling republicans not to vote are wrong. I thought reid was a dem. Just shows ya how fuvkin stupid the dems are. They are campaigning for the thugs stupid fuckin people. Decolonize joy…. Good stuff. Defund and disperse fake hateful racist media…like reid lemon anderson!! All of cnn msnbc nbc abc cbs..and take fox with you too! Joy always promotes hatred and racism!! Tennis It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas

Tennis It’s not about being better than someone else poster and canvas

Tennis It's not about being better than someone else poster and canvas

Isn’t his goal to get in front of the u.s. Supreme Court?. Pete Green. We need humor and memes. And – Thank you, Joy Reid, for keeping a spotlight on his exit scorched earth maneuvers strategically enacted to create obstacles for the Biden-Harris administration. . I wish he wasn’t getting all this attention still. I believe that is how he won. The press was absolutely breathless with excitement reporting on him in 2016. It’s still all about him. Frustrating.. Sarai Virgili. He brought it all upon himself.. “Being President doesn’t change who you are. Being president reveals who you are,” Michelle Obama, 2012.. I love your sense of humor, Joy . sorry libs. The only cabinet that Biden will have is where he puts his cereal. You losers cannot even cheat well. All will be exposed. Cannot wait to see Reid blow a gasket. LOSERS! Even Biden’s own “Vice President-elect,” Kamala Harris, has yet t… See More

Both Queens are great
but the original Aunt Viv is the best . I am an Aunt Viv myself. I loved them both. . Lmao . Im so glad to see her she deserves it. Shana Stephenson. Yes definitely love the first auntie. Both are Queens, period! Stellar performances . Robie Cornelious. Omg so cute! It was great!. If you notice, Alfonso Rivera was no where to be seen when the real Aunt Viv came in. I read somewhere that he too was not speaking to her.. The OG!!. nice to see that he’s apologized to her, he ruined her career (Red Table Talk)..takes one hell of a forgiving person to do so.. I’m for the original Aunt Viv, too… Both . OGAV!. Yayyyyy….Aunt Viv Is Back!. Aunt Viv! The original and first one,!. Original Aunt Viv . Me 2. Janet Hubert All the way. I like Maxine Reid , but not as aunt Viv.

I said the same thing when I saw Kanye…. . This is hilarious.. Sarai Virgili. The ghost of Richie Havens.. . Oh my God, this caught me off guard. I haven’t had a belly laugh for a little while now. I think I’m going to pee my pants.. I laughed way too hard at this…. Addena Sumter-Freitag
I was laughing out loud. I had to watch it over.. That made my day! . Sarai, join me, good thing I don’t have stitches, would be bleeding out!! Love this. That’s funny as heck, but on point
Pause GIF. Trump is a moron fox fake news fox is Russian puppet. Got that right———————. Joy Reid, this is a shonuff, bust a stitch. Pause GIF. undefined. I saw this on Instagram, he’s like oh hell no!!!!. Play GIF. Deborah Thomas. Too funi. Killed me!! . Telling it like it is!. You know most normal Americans hate you right??

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