Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster


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They’re working her , I’m sure they want to see her downfall if she doesn’t stay on her toes she’ll end up going downhill.. success is dangerous don’t think it doesn’t come with many obstacles to avoid. I already learned the song…. Great Track! I luv it. Added to my workout mix.. Laura Parker. I love you, you are my fave music artist.. love that ‘cause my friend keeps singing “moonlight, SUNlight” . Love love that songs my daughter and me it’s our jam in the car. I already know the lyrics. Your my fav at the min and I can not wait to see you on tour Hopefuly next year girl xx. Hi Dua.. Dua lipa great songs listening prade thinking revert as star with and the in lets comment love you ve smiled laughed. I really like this song and your new song fever omg . Patthanun Boonchai Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster I Love U, Dua. I’m your fan, I hope you will come to perform on tour in Thailand in nearly future.

Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

Alex Angel. Na Ga. OUT OF THIS WORLD. SHE IS SUPERBLY WONDERFUL ALL Y OF THE TIME. DUA LUPA ROCKS EVERYTIME. BIGGEST BIG UP ALWAYS TOO QUEEN DUA LUPA. PEACEOUT. u warm magic, im longing for the girl like u…;. Please what’s the name of the song that’s she performed. Uriel Rojas. Abeer Selim. You’re obviously Perfect. Najwa Abdel Ati Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster My beautiful princess . Lorand Justin. Ryan Welsh Morton. The best is around the corner.. You’re obviously Perfect. Love your songs.. Looking forward to Studio 2054 . FASHION ICON, MUSICIAN ICON, THE BEST OF ALL DIVA’S. PEACEOUT. I’m a 44 year old gay man and I just had the TIME OF MY LIFE in my apt neighbors I’m sure hated me cause I hooked YOUR so freaking GOOD PERFORMANCE up to my surround sound and GOT MY LIFE . Amazing show! . Come to Mexico will love to have you here? Te amo,

Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

Im Levitating . I love the song. you’re my starlight . Jenya Organ. Woooooo..I can’t wet to see it baby ur songs go me crazy… Nathan Ndonga. You are the best dualipa . Stay in home Songs Love Dua Lipa …. Irving Perez. You’re my starlight. i want to levitate with you dua lipa. Alex Angel
You can sing along to Levitating using time-synched lyrics on Apple Music

Dua Lipa Essentials. Buddy Bean. leave it to me. I’m levitating . Gwapaha gyudds akong uyab aaaaaa. Looks good in that outfit. Girl … that song is my national Athen . you just don’t know how to make a bad song. Can sing along with you? dua lipa. look at this magnificent smile. gorgeous,, songs,,,, . Dua Lipa – Levitating feat DaBaby, Madonna, Missy Elliott (DJ House’ C EDM Remix) are already done. I will launch this December in the Bar’s Club’s

Swimming be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

But how many songs do you make in 1 month?
You are incredible. Well that was absolutely amazing! Danced and laughed so hard with my husband and 3 daughters, thank you Dua and all involved . I loved it!!!! You are so beautiful and talented, it was an amazing show!! . Very disappointed I didn’t get my email until 15mins until after the show started, I wasn’t able to log in to my Universal account to access my account so I completely missed the show. I paid to see the preshow, concert & postshow. It’s not your faul… See More. Been ready since the first day tickets went on sale & I bought my ticket. I been counting the days. I know you will be amazing.. It was so good. You need to release it on DVD. it wa a great concert . I was so excited for this! Bought the ticket, and I’ve been trying to watch it, on the live now app, and it keeps going back to the “starting soon” screen. I’m super disappointed. Money thrown away out of the window.

Face masks????. Chris Brose. Estevan Nieto. I want to watch that but it’s already 9:37 p.m. here in the Philippines so goodnight. You look awesome as hell . I really a big fan of Your music for.me the best of this chaotic year.. Do you married my national brother Dua? Lipa. Go in to be a great concert!. La Pyae. Is that all? i think too loser. Can’t wait, got the countdown on my laptop, ready to go….. undefined. Better start rehearsing for Grammys stage. . undefined. Do you married me Dua?. undefined. undefined. undefined. You shouldn’t sing with Miley, she’s a damn train wreck and will do nothing but make you look bad. Nice. you are always a star !!. Last Alive
Congratulations . I love you Queen of my life . that beautiful. Stunning. you are the best. You’re so cute. Gerard Anthony. Ren-Ger Lyn De Luna. Absolutely brilliant!!! Amazing!!

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