Great leader for Maine!. It will be so nice when certain things become so accepted in our society that they are not given a second thought.. This is why we need term limits for these corrupt career politicians! We want younger choices with new ideas. Not to take away from his accomplishment. But with a population of just more than 1.3 million. Its not like he has alot on his plate.. God forbid he comes out as conservative It would be better and advisable to see the future young coming ones take up the baton…. there would be a great change. We need younger people for our government and term limits.. Well needed in a country where most top politicians are around 80 years old… Umm… unless I read my history wrong, Delaware is the oldest state in the nation (1787). In fact, Virginia is the oldest colony in the nation becoming so in 1604. Maine comes in around 1622 as a colony, 18 years after Virginia, and didn’t become a s… Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster- A1

Definitely not the oldest state. Remember the Missouri Compromise? 1820. What does his sexual persuasion have to do with how well he can do the job. But i must say NO to younger’ simply because the young are not wise. They need to be mentored by the older of our generation. Our culture went seriously astray when we stopped listening to our elderly who tell us stories, and offer scenarios to educat… . Why sexuality is so relevant, who cares what he do. How come they never report something like a completely normal heterosexual male was voted in as senator.”? Sick of hearing what these freaks do behind closed doors. They should be grateful we tolerate it. Where is the story on the tapes of your calls?. Gosh. Whether or not he is gay is irrelevant. Let him stand on his qualifications. Here is something that is very relevant, that mainstream media cannot report on, or will not…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYap6iO1QFc Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster YOUTUBE.COM Amazing Machinations: Episode 004: Juan O Savin – “Kid by the Side of the Road”

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster

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I just want to know with this deadly virus” they are even playing sports. Also why are they even allowing people in the stadiums at all. I mean what double standards for everyonedont go visit your family members but its ok to go and watch football… . That dosen’t sound terrible, we may be able to have gatherings of up to 100k in less than a year. That is much sooner than what was originally projected.. The first sporting even with fans will look like a rave concert. People will cheer any and everything. Might even stand and applaud losses lbs. I wonder if Donald, Ivanka, and his sons Huey and Dewey now lose more sleep over their looming criminal indictments and pardons, or the fact that history will hold them accountable for surrendering to Covid, giving up, and allowing the US Covid death r… See More. We’ll appreciate normal life even more once it returns. Stay safe, for now people.

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Another reason not to live in Maine. I cannot wait until America is at a point where the only thing that matters about a person is character and qualifications. Who cares about everything else. We are all Americans.. Its good to see young people take the baton.. He looks the part. Where did you ever get the idea Maine was the oldest state in the nation? Maine did not become a state until 1820. Before that is was part of Massachusetts. Just for giggles, here is a list of all states and the dates they were ratified: https://en.wik…
List of U.S. states by date of admission to the Union – Wikipedia. What does his sexuality have to do with anything? Seems as though CNN has to insert these things to sound like they are overly liberal. We don’t care about peoples personal sex lives. Please don’t push your religions or alternate lifestyles on us. Please sign and pass it on.
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As long as we are not social distancing nor wearing masks we are never going to get rid of this virus thats going around that has affected thousands and thousands of innocent people and actually have cost their lives people need to learn responsibilit… . And it’s seriously one of the least important things to worry about right now.. If it saves lives, I’m good with it.. Thank you Dr. Fauchi for giving it to us straight! That is all we have ever wanted since this whole thing started!. . What’s the price tag. They need ginnie pigs to test the vaccine I’ll be the last one to get vaccinated who knows what the long term side effects are.. I hope they never go back just away to line their pockets with more poor peoples money. I really do not expect anyone to ever have much of a life ever again.if they can spread doom and gloom I will also.

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