Gotta love the corgis! So sweet!. My corgi cupcake looks just like maxine. I love seeing her videos. Guys with dogs in backpacks get me everytime but a woman pushing her dog in a stroller irks my nerves for some reason!. Awwww, I love love Maxine. To cute. Kate Brannan Edelen. I love . I love Maxine!!. Maxine is BEST DOG!! XO. Hahaha! Imagine champ and bailey . undefined. Boy does he love his ride. Adorable . Adorable. Growing up has never come the easier way. It comes with lots of challenges like lost marriages, lost love, financial and job problems and so many more, but still there has always been a solution to every challenges that we face in life. Life has been s… . Connie Wehunt Roland This looks so much like Minnie . Helen Beabey AWWWW!. I miss my lil girl Daisy she was such a good girl Surfing Think less live more poster

Surfing Think less live more poster

Surfing Think less live more poster- A3

Michelle Yabko Surfing Think less live more poster So heartbreaking. My 4 year old granddaughter was just diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She had surgery on Thursday, we don’t yet know the stage. It’s wrapped around her aorta and another artery so the surgeon felt it was to dangerous to remove it all. Our world has stopped. Would give anything for it to be me and not my precious baby. Sending healing prayers and positive thoughts to this adorable girl.. My heart aches for this adorable little girl and her family. I can only imagine what they are going through. God loves her and he’ll take her in the palm of his hands. He will take her through it as we keep praying for her. Lori Jerry. My daughter was diagnosed with Wilms tumor 38 years ago and is now 40! God bless this little girl and I pray she does as well. My heart aches for this little girl and her family praying and put her in Gods hands

Surfing Think less live more poster

Surfing Think less live more poster- A2

Thank you for you Jason and Amanda for the courage and integrity to stand up for what is right.. Lisa Liberi McGarvey. Good on them. CMAs need to figure out what real country music is again. Not this regurgitated pop crap.. I would expect nothing less of those syph’litic parasitics! Someone buy ’em a pint of Smithwick’s and smother ’em!. More proof that the CMA cares nothing about the genre’s roots. They’d rather promote the lousy pop that is now considered country.. ALL tv shows are too caught up in COVID and Race right now to do anything else meaningful or entertaining. CMAs is the only awards show I can stomach, but Bieber, come on. Prince, Shaver and Jerry Jeff should have been recognized or at the very least mentioned. Heads should roll!. I was surprised, the Kenny Rogers tribute was nice, but no en memories for anyone else?. Good for them and shame on the CMA!!! John Prine deserves it!!!

Surfing Think less live more poster- A1

My prayers are with you and your family. May your sweet angel be blessed with the miracle of healing.. My dad had stage 4 renal cancer..I pray for this little girl. I hope she is pain free because my dad suffered from extreme pain . Parents worst nightmare. Prayers for her recovery. . Praying for both 4 year olds.and ALL children and adults who are Ill….everywhere on Earth !!!. Prayers sent for healing god wrap your arms around this child amen. My husband’s cousin was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms Tumor at age 2. She is now an 18 year old college student! You can beat this!!! . My prayers going to God for recovery for your granddaughter . My granddaughter is in recover(Luekemia ) I know your sorrow . God bless your beautiful girl. Thus heart breaking. Sending prayers to this princess. In our thoughts and prayers for healing. Shanon Scalia

God please heal this sweet girl! Wrap her in your loving arms. Lord only you can work miracles. I pray a cure comes into play for every cancer there is in children and adults too.. My first son was diagnosis kidney cancer at 2and a half it was a rare kind only 25 people had prayers for this baby girl also contact Cora out of Bloomington ind childrens organ transplant association they can help with fundraisers and medical stuff. No one deserves this. So so sorry. Sending prayers. Can St Judes help? I hope she does ok with her treatment.. I pray these innocent babies are cured of the terrible cancers that are afflicting them, including my own granddaughter who is 2 1/2.. Praying for strength, miracles and healing. Love and light through this! I believe you have a fighter on your hands though! She looks like a strong one! You got this sweet girl!

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