Carlie Jo McMahon Surfing The ocean is calling i must go poster Such a great surprise!! Great episode with lots of twists.. Well after seeing Patrick last night, I might have to go and rewatch the first few seasons of them together. I loved Season 1 they were so cute together.. I was shocked and loved it!!!! Cant wait for next weeks show!!!!!. Jannette Miller Lundelius I was a little surprised to see him but at the same time it made sense that he is who she would see.. Was a perfectly wonderful surprise. Grey’s always catches you and leaves u wanting more!!!. When he post on ig a few months back that it was a beautiful day to save lives gave it away I told.my daughter he will be coming back in some way this season and I absolutely loved last night’s episode I cried happy tears. Valerie Hanson Reed I don’t care if it’s a dream or what I loved seeing him back.

Surfing The ocean is calling i must go poster

Surfing The ocean is calling i must go poster- A4

Another rabbit out of the hole . Adela Cortez. Why isnt she mentioning how her brother is lining her and his whole familes pockets!! BIDEN/CLINTON/OBAMA CRIME FAMILIES!. The Dems have not shut up for the last four years, and now you expect trump supporters to do just that. it ain’t gonna happen. Hopefully IF Bidon is elected he will have to listen to trump supporters for the next four years!. WE KNOW–JOE–IS ILL–BIG-TIME–!!–KAMALA HARRIS–IS LIVING–AS A MARXIST–AND FOLLOWS THE MARXIST REGIME & BELIEFS–!!–HUNTER BIDEN–IS IN LEAGUE–WITH THE CHINESE COMMIES–& THE CCP–!!–THIS ELECTION–IS–SOO CORRUPT & ILLEGAL—& DISHONEST–IT’S-… . Why joe Biden was denied to receive the holy communion from a catholic priest on last Sunday . Surfing The ocean is calling i must go poster Is it due to his committing a fraudulent ballot vote to win the presidential election ?. I would like to ask a Trump supporter a question. No judgement, no arguments but can you tell me what he has done for your country that makes you support him? Im from Canada and am interested to hear what your answer is.

Surfing The ocean is calling i must go poster

Surfing The ocean is calling i must go poster- A3

It’s a brain tumor and Derek is going to save her through her dream. LOL she will tell Amelia how to fix it.
It’s all I got. . As if this wasn’t unexpected and emotional enough, I’m really not prepared for what’s ahead next week & possibly the remainder of the season (even in the slightest, even if it’s temporary and misleading.. because I know it’s going to be a tearjerker in… . Great episode!! Awesome surprise !!. I’m only on season 12 but this makes me so happy . Im losing it. Now we have to wait a whole damn week?!. They don’t deserve Patrick !!! The show has turned mean and trashy !! I HATED last night’s show. Very poor taste.. I mean I know it’s 2020 but thanks for spoiling the episode. I stop watching when he’s gone, now I’m back. Made my whole life last night

Surfing The ocean is calling i must go poster- A2

I thought that he so offended Shonda that she had him die so he could never come back. They must have mended fences. Sometimes acting jobs are not as easy to find as those leaving a successful series think. I may start watching again. There was definitely chemistry between he and Meredith. .. LOVED IT! . I saw him standing there and had to rewind cause I thought theres no way that’s him, he’s gone. But it was great seeing him back again. I read he is going to be in a few episodes. I can’t wait!!!. Just watched this episode and cried like a baby at that part. So beautiful. . I didn’t care for the episode as I would prefer to escape from the real world when I watch tv and 2 hours of Covid was a lot. The ending though I got so excited. Even though I know it’s just going to be a few scenes it was great to see him on the scree…

Best surprise this year!!!!!!!!!! I cried!!!!!! Literally..tears!! Patrick Dempsey made 2020 GREAT AGAIN!!!!. I hope Patrick Dempsey is back for good the show hasnt been the same since he left i had to quit watching it. What a fantastic way to end the episode last night!. My heart was aching watching the station 19 cross over and then into greys anatomyit left me like…OMG wait what?!. Jordan Monroe 2020 is better because of this memorial return!. Love this show and hope it’s not the last season. Ellen Pompeo said in a bunch of interviews that the environment was “toxic” and didn’t have many positive things to say about working with Patrick. Now she’s changing her tune . My mouth dropped open and then I was elated to see them together again. But…I’m scared for what this means for Meredith’s future.. Lara Moore. Not sure what to think about this…are they writing Meredith out of the show? Reuniting with a dead person, all in white…

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