Its truly insane to see the Republican Party, which gutted the Voting Rights Act, sabotaged the USPS, closed polling locations, purged voters, attacked vote by mail, tried to throw out ballots, and fabricated ‘evidence’ of fraud under oathACCUSE t… . I’ll say it because it needs to be said. Surfing knowledge poster Win, lose or draw, we faithful are with you until the end.. What up with AG BARR?! Should he be investigated for negligence as an attourney general for not doing his job? **Edit: And if his words were twisted shouldn’t the media be investigated for tampering with an election?. Keep Pressing ahead Mr. President. We want 4 more years with you as our Commander and Chief. God Bless You and Your Family in these trying times.. I know for a fact that non citizens were allowed to vote and can prove it! Called the number, provided the proof, but apparently they don’t care. Very sad.

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Never have I seen a president like Trump who is willing to stand up against the massive leftist media and democrats and tell them the truth with courage. It is time for Democrats and the Media to face justice.. Dear Trump, at this point you know you have the support of the majority to do whatever is necessary to restore the integrity of this country. . Facebook Removed Trump as the president of the United States meanwhile he is still the president and will be for the next 4 years yet they claim they have no Bias.. Donald Trump is the biggest loser in the history of the world. He declared victory the evening of the election. Please do not donate money to this man – I know many of you believed in him but this is a money grab. The election is over and 81,000,000 … . Donald Trump is the projected winner of the Surfing knowledge poster 2020 US Presidential election

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Bulgaria is with you!. Congratulations. Weve taken 4 years of harassment and much much worse what’s one more month? Don’t give up keep fighting for America . 10 more years!!
10 more years!!. Thank you for your service continued prayers!!! My God, Forgive them – the hatred of these commenters is so deep. God Bless America !. Uphold your oath and promise to the American people president Trump. We are still behind you. Don’t stop fighting for our country.. Be strong and courageous WE WILL WIN. One of My birthday wish “Trump4moreyears!. Time to REVOTE!!. McConnell and Pelosi need to get it together. Citizens are struggling bad. We need stimulus checks and unemployment. They are soon going to lock us down again. They need to fix this. I’m very patriotic, but I am disgusted by our government right now. … . If I have to submit a photo ID and apply to the ATF to exercise my constitutional right to buy a firearm, the same standard should apply to voting in an election.

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I support Trump because he always work hard for his country and it has good effect in Vietnam also. Georgia had a message for you in November (one endorsed by the majority of Americans): You’re fired.. Dear President be strong in the Lord and in His Might. You are highly favoured by God.. we must work hard on getting all the garbage out of the election system. Than we can have a legal vote.. Thank you President Trump! All Republicans need to get out and vote in this run off. Stop listening to people trying to talk you out of voting. Our country is at stake.. Wish all of the Republicans would even have a fraction of your resolve, courage, righteousness and absolute brilliance, to change our country and our world into a place we all want to live in. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Looking forward with such grat…

We stand behind you Trump!! It was rigged! It was the only way to win with Joe biden being their best candidate! Use covid to keep people locked up and to push their mail in ballots.. Well done great President Donald Trump. You won but Joe Biden and selfish members rigged the election. They most pay for their evil deeds in Jesus name. Amen!. NEVER SURRENDER MR PRESIDENT! We are standing by in Missouri! Lets finish this!!! I love you! . This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. He lost. It’s over.
He should be working on the COVID crisis. People are dying.. undefined. Looking from the outside in from Australia I have been following this very closely and blind Freddy could see that it is more rigged than a sailing ship in favour of the democratic party, WOW I’m not an American citizen but if I was I would vote for T…

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