I would much rather Disney+ keep making more original movies like the second born royals one or live actions like Lady and the Tramp. Or at least sequels like the new Phineas and Ferb movie. Those were great. I dont want a remake of something that is already so great and no reason is there to make it. We have enough Home Alone movies already.. Gita Proudman. Didnt they try to do this with Home Alone 3, and it wasnt that good, and the magic of the original and part 2 was no longer there. Certain movies come out right at the time we need them to, and bring the magic that make us fall in love with that movie,… . I agree why bother.this movie is loved for what it is!. Mariangel Goire. Please stop rebooting everything. This movie was a joy and I seriously doubt anyone can improve on it so please just let it be. Surfing Don’t fear death poster

Surfing Don’t fear death poster

Surfing Don't fear death poster- A3

Noralyn Dodd. Hes acting like Hillary and the Democrats 4 years ago.. Nothing says he has to concede. None of us are surprised!. The people have spoken so it is time for the Orange Messiah to get fitted with his new orange jumpsuits and free those 600 motherless children sitting in cages before they take him in.,. Did she do drugs before the interview??. No one should. Winners never quit. Susan Hubbard. He should be. Hasn’t he bankrupted some 10+ companies?! Surfing Don’t fear death poster . Losing is bad,getting cheated is hard for a man to accept. 70 million people got cheated. I feel cheated. Don’t like a cheater,liar or theif.they go together.. Well, he’ll have to. Unfortunately it would seem that he lost the race–he’ll have to accept that. He’s a big boy–he can do it!. Probably not surprised that Trump was picked for a second term way before the election. He lost and claimed bankruptcy on all his business avenues he should be used to it at his old age .

Surfing Don’t fear death poster

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He cant deal with cheating. Thats because he can’t believe not.Everyone loves him.he has never grown and still hears his call him a loser.. No where in the constitution does it says he must concede!!Biden is not the legal winner yet!!. HE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”. That’s how spoiled brats act, never told no in his life and now that someone has and he can’t handle it, all of his followers act the same way and I’m a few will acacias me on here this comment but oh-you lost Bahahaa. Give Trump some meds then send him to Florida or wherever he plans to land. In 2016, he didn’t expect to win. In,. Winners, leaders, and warriors have always had trouble with it. PRESIDENT TRUMP is no different from them.. What he, with the emotional grounding of a toddler, doesn’t understand is that he is losing by not conceding.. No one should be surprised, he’s an entitled, not particularly smart, his father left him a fortune and he lost it, heartless failed businessman, several bankruptcies, one being a casino. Married 3 times and cheated on all his wives. He failed America…

Surfing Don't fear death poster- A1

How many people takes loosing at what ever it is easy , Could be a bet for a sport team , a bet with a friend or a spouse , a family member or loosing a card game , basket ball game , if its something thats really important to anyone HELL YES , they … . Im sorry people president Trump is not going to lose he will be reelected as my mama told me hide behind the bushes and watch yall are going to get a big surprise just wait and see praise God. I’m wondering if she is asking herself why she stayed working for him?. Those figures are as skewed as COVID cases numbers.. Tell him to bite his stinging lip and give up already.. We aren’t surprised that you are sorry af. Lol. Wow talk about sour grapes!!
Why would anyone take this disgruntled former employee seriously??

He’s a little baby man child. Every other president has been so classy and gracious.. Laura Nicholson. Was his IMPEACHMENT voter fraud to? I’m so tired of this guy. Enjoy your last 15 minutes.. When you have 70+ million behind you you don’t just give up especially in most corrupt election in history , if nothing else the corrupt ness in the election will be taken care of. Johanna Claire McMenemy. The truth is there was NO CHEATING or evidence of voter fraud AT ALL.. What part of Recent voting totals show that President-elect Joe Biden defeated Trump by both electoral votes and popular votes””Still, Trump has yet to accept those results, instead continually standing behind baseless claims that the election resu… . Hard to concede, when dead people voted for Biden the criminal. And all the Trump ballots pitched out. Real fare don t ya think. voter fraud cannot be allowed….I support President Trump

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