I have a news story idea not sure if youve heard about it yet because I haven’t seen you cover it but there are public hearings right now in several election swing States in Capitol buildings involving State Senators where election workers and contra… . https://www.frontpagemag.com//biden-crime-family…/… Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster FRONTPAGEMAG.COM The Biden Crime Family Comes Undone – Frontpagemag. Cả thế giới đã và đang hướng về nước Mỹ.. Sadly the Obama Biden administration did nothing while the opioid crisis grew and grew.. ZUCKER, AND HUDSON ARE THE BIGGEST COMMUNIST IN OUR COUNTRY AND NEED TO BE EXSPELLED FROM THIS COUNTRY. Even Facebook faces have two sides. Stop the Mark Zuckerberg teenage graffiti vandalism of others free expression spaces.. Their.own fault . You are Lair media. Easy solution. Don’t do drugs. Problem solved.. CNN is just a silly simp. What hearing is going on right now in Michigan?. Wow! I had no idea these stories were so far over the heads of obtuse Trumpfarts.

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster- A2

#worlddisabilityday2020. Careers?. The Opiate Crisis and the new rules havent taken people in chronic pain who see a Pain Management Specialist regularly into consideration and that’s just wrong and unethical. Chronic Pain Patients like myself are being treated like drug addicts. Pain … . From The top down you’re run by clowns and have zero ethics and moral.. No no no- can’t have this – democrats wants legalized marijuana- surely what could go wrong after the initial buzz wears off – reality and or the other spectrum – harder drugs? How is your virtual meeting security lately? Is this more propaganda as no… See More. Thanks to Project Veritas for recording 2 months worth of morning conference calls with Zucker and Cynthia Hudson ie The Racist. Cynthia’s recorded statement about how “all Cubans will vote for Trump because they admire bullies” has been heard by not o… See More Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster- A3

If you use the word LOVE incorrectly, everyone will go to LAWFARE or INJUSTICE!. Tune in to Project Veritas to hear Jeff Potato Head” Zucker caught on phone recordings giving orders to CNN employees on how to manufacture fake news out of real news, to make Trump look bad. Project Veritas will be releasing new phone recordings dai…
PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS. if you watch cnn, you didnt see the most important speech ever given: https://youtu.be/720O_yBLrTs
This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made.. Can we take ZUCKER and Hudson and somhow get them in a Cuban prison for good for day to day lying to the american people. Born and raised here in America I cant beleive these communits get away with what they do..Free speech is not intended to tare… See More. Just having a beer and thought our future is our past and our past is the future. Cheers says Matt on a third bottle of Heineken in the sun on a sunny table outside.

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Oh, I saw the tag line and thought they lost their livelihood due to Covid, so the story is only half true, it really wasn’t the opioids.. CNN – Would rather hear your opinion about all these Americans stepping forward and sharing their stories of voter fraud that they witnessed.. I love Lisa Ling specials! She talks about very deep issues that most journalists dont wanna talk about.. Cnn,cnbc,nbc,cbs,abc,Blomburg, all Communist stations. They have to be shut down now!!. They are killing this country with all there lying.. Fake news. I would love to help..just hope the news is real, smh CNN readers – Q & A. Which counties in Michigan recorded 120% of the eligible voters voting in the election? There are five of them. So, you ought to be able to get at least one of them.. You just lost any credibility you might have had..It’s about time someone called you out. Thank you Project Veritas.

I want to be her. I want to be a joyful survivor. Is that too much to ask?. We need to know exactly what this woman is made of. Blood type, immune system even what she eats. She could save us all. God bless her!. Thats great she lived through 2 media scares. Add her marrow or something to the vaccine! . Some very fortunate people have incredibly good genes that are programmed to fight off all diseasesthere are very few of them but wow aren’t they fortunate?. She honored her mother and father well. Scripture: Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.. What!?!?! I thought everyone died who caught covid!?!? I’ve being hiding in my home for months bathing in sanitizer and injecting bleach into my veins for nothing!!. So what your saying is that this hysterical mind set that covid will kill us all is BS thank you for sharing this news now maybe we can get back to normal life and prosperity

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